Holiday Travel Ideas

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” Some may say we’re obnoxiously early, but when it comes to planning for Christmas, now is perfect to kick off busy holiday planning. This allows you time for picking the perfect travel date that will be appealing to your group travelers. It also enables you to have more options on your charter and hotel rates by planning ahead.

Holiday Shopping/Scene

When it comes to holiday shopping from an experiential perspective, it doesn’t get much better than the Big Apple or the Windy City. Both megaplexes take on a new energy once they get their tinsel on.

A group travel excursion slightly after Thanksgiving could offer travelers a fabulous multi-tasking trip, where travelers get to bond while also searching for the perfect gift for loved ones. The bonus is the entire city is decked to the nines with gorgeous displays that would prompt even Scrooge to crack a smile.

Holiday Escape

Now, the holidays can also be a prime time to lock the doors, hit the road and search out fun in the sun. As we mentioned in a previous post, Vegas could be a grand place to make holiday wishes come true for a good girl or boy. They could swim with sharks, race in a Ferrari or bulldoze till their heart’s content. Or if your group needs the caliente turned up to eleven, then head straight to Miami, where the gifts of the seasons include miles of beaches, crystal blue water, some of the hottest nightclubs in the nation and a cornucopia of R&R delights.

Check out’s list of charter buses to plan out your ride for this yuletide trip of joy and cheer. From 10 to 50, we can help you find the charter that suits your group’s needs, style, and rate. You can enter in your dates along with the location, and you’ll quickly see hotel options perfect for group travel. Each hotel is a member of the National Tour Association, the leading association for travel professionals serving customers traveling to, from and within North America. They are intimately familiar with providing hospitality services to both large and small tour groups. Plus, the featured hotels have reviews provided by fellow group travel planners, which can be invaluable when making your decision.

We’re hoping it makes a bit more sense as to why to plan now when the holidays feel like they far out. If this article doesn’t help prompt some planning, consider how long it takes the family to decide on a restaurant…. We thought that would help. Happy Holidays (planning!)