Christmas Travel By Bus and Holiday Family Travel Ideas

Holidays get people moving. Turn the radio on to get in the spirit, and then shamble onto the rooftop to string the lights. Crawl into the attic to get down the decorations. And inevitably, put those driving mittens on to hit the road for shopping and family get-togethers.

Why not reverse that carbon footprint, though, and elect to travel by motorcoach instead of car! It’ll help mother nature forgive you for chopping down that beautiful spruce in your living room, too. Check out some of these fun ideas for Christmas travel that you can get onboard with alongside family, friends, or the kindhearted goodwill of strangers.

Shopping Excursion

First off, we know there are many of you who still haven’t gotten your holiday shopping done. Kids love making wish lists, but we’re sure there are a few sticklers who just haven’t disclosed what they’re wanting for Christmas. If that’s the case, why not try something a little different this year. Rather than shop independently, get a group together and rent a minibus to take to an outlet mall or shopping center. Make the trip itself part of the magic of Christmas. Splitting a minibus rental up among twelve to thirty passengers can be cheaper than a cab ride, and allows for bonding and social time while riding to figure out what special gift will make someone smile this year.

Tacky Light Tour

As we near closer to the holiday season, we’ll start to see more and more home owners channel their inner Clark Griswold and deck not only the halls, but the entire front yard in elaborate Christmas light displays. These colorful, warm lights set admist the backdrop of freshly fallen snow cause eyes to sparkle. Capture that moment not in a quick drive-by, but by signing up for a Christmas Light Tour.

Many charter bus operators also provide tour operator services, where they offer tours of lights for groups. Look for a “Tour Operator” designation or special mention of such services on the bus operator websites we link to in our directory. Treat your family and friends to this special gift, and bring plenty of hot cocoa to enjoy while seeing the best light decorations your town or city has to offer.

Getting to the Heart of It

It’s no secret there’ll be plenty of long-distance travelers this holiday season. Over 90% will be making the trip by car, with 6% by plane. Join the enlightened 3% who will be traveling by bus to reach their destination safe and sound. Why stuff presents into the trunk of a car or the overhead carry-on on a plane when you’ve got abundant storage in the cargo bay of a motorcoach? Travel comfortably and timely in a climate-controlled, spacious motorcoach alongside family and friends. Don’t let Home Alone happen to your family; go for a motorcoach to truly enjoy the time with those closest to you this holiday season.