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How To Come Up With Ideas For Group Travel Experience

Having trouble thinking up new destinations for your group travel experience? Use these tips to find the best place for your next group travel experience.

Think About the Weather

A vacation or group travel experience is meant to be fun and comfortable. You can’t do that if the weather makes you miserable the entire time. Use the weather to help you narrow down your possibilities.

-Cold weather at home got you down? Look to more exotic climates for winter relief. Look south to places like Florida, Las Vegas, or California for some relatively warm relaxation.

-Can’t stand the summer heat? If you’re looking to cool off, head to places like Colorado, Chicago, or the ski slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

-Does your group have special weather-related needs? Conditions like osteoarthritis are exacerbated by damp cold. Look for locations that won’t aggravate the illness.

Use weather maps to determine the regions that best fit your desired climate. Then you can choose a destination that you know will be comfortable throughout your stay.

Do Something Big

Take a road trip to a large event with your favorite group of friends. Choose an event that is interesting to everyone in the group or a destination with multiple entertainment options to ensure all travelers have the time of their lives. Look for events like:

-Concerts and music festivals

-Sporting events

-Art exhibits

-Amusement parks


Cultural events are another way to experience a destination with lots of variety. Events like the Taste of Chicago bring people from all over the world for a multi-day festival. Choose an event that is based on something your group members enjoy doing.

Get Physical

Vacations aren’t just for sightseeing. If your group is more physically active, organize a trip to a massive fitness competition. These events pit participants against each other in a grueling race against the clock and their own bodies. Some of the most popular fitness events are:

-Tough Mudder

-The Warrior Dash

-Spartan Race

These events occur in larger cities all across the United States and Canada. Find one near you or use the event as an excuse to visit a new city.

Get Group Input

Talk to your co-travelers for some itinerary ideas that are sure to please. What are the best ways to gather diverse opinions on travel destinations?

-Use an online survey company to send out digital forms.

-Create a social media page for your group. Have all potential travelers log in to leave their ideas.

-Print out worksheets for participants to fill out and return with their suggestions.

For best results, you’ll need to gather information twice. After narrowing down the initial suggestions, send out a list of revised options. Have participants vote on only one option. Tally the votes to find your next group vacation destination.

Use these tips to take the stress out of planning your next group travel experience.

Running out of ideas for your next group travel trip? Use these tips to find the perfect place for your group of friends.