Cruise Ship Transfers by Motorcoach Rental

A motorcoach may be the last thing on your mind when packing your suitcase with swimsuits, towels, and sunscreen to board a huge ocean liner cruise ship for a holiday, but cruise ship transfer is an increasingly popular service that bus operators provide to groups. Often these ships carry more than 3,000 passengers in luxury on inclusive journeys through the Caribbean, off the coast of Alaska, or any number of other remarkable ocean tours.

However, getting the group to the boat without a car necessitates some other form of transportation, and that’s where charter bus operators show up to whisk you and your group away to an unforgettable vacation and handle all of the logistics of transporting everyone to the boat and back.

Go ahead and use the charter bus operator directory to find local bus operators near your pick-up point and ask them about a cruise ship transfer. Often transfers are priced out differently than round-trip charters, so be sure to call up the operator to communicate your specific dates and times in order to receive the best price quote.

In fact, check out this story about Hotard Coaches in Louisiana. New Orleans is a huge port town for cruise ships, but convenient parking is difficult to come by. In the March 1, 2015 issue of Bus & Motorcoach News, Hotard shared that they “started letting people … park their cars at the company’s lots and bused them to the cruise ships.” Talk about a perfect partner for a cruise! Find a friendly bus operator to shuttle your group in our charter bus directory.

It doesn’t just stop at logistics, though; experience the benefits of motorcoach transportation when it comes to luggage, too! In addition to overhead bays for carry-on items, motorcoaches can store luggage in compartments along the lower sides of the coach. Enjoy the spacious seating and creature comforts of a motorcoach before heading off the land for blue waters.

If you’ve got a concern about returning with sea legs, rest those worries as a charter bus transfer is a perfect way to take you home after a lengthy ocean cruise.