children going on a field trip

An Easy Travel Checklist for Group Trips for Children

Traveling with a group of children can be challenging. Each child has their own unique needs whether that is medicine they take or a food allergy.

It can be tough to remember every little thing about each child when your group is pretty large, so, keeping a travel checklist for kids can be extremely beneficial for the trip planner and chaperone. A lot of details go into traveling with kids, so, keeping them straight is very important. We have you covered with our easy travel checklist for kids:

  • Know each kids food allergies
  • Know each kids prescriptions or medical conditions
  • Thoroughly explain itinerary to the parents of the kids so, they know what to expect and what to plan for

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  • Let the kids know how much fun the trip will be and what they can expect to do on it
  • Know the emergency contacts and guardians of each kid
  • Know the travel destinations police station number in case of emergency
  • Contact the hotel and get it’s security information if the trip is happening overnight
  • Find out where the nearest hospital or emergency room is in case of emergency
  • Be sure to have your route planned out beforehand in case of getting lost
  • Think of fun activities to do so the kids are occupied on the trip to and from the destination
  • Have meals planned out including snacks for the bus ride to and from the destination
  • Be sure each kid has the necessary budget for souvenirs or meals on the trip before you leave
  • Give a packing list to the parents or guardians of the kids including the type of clothing the kids should wear depending on the location and necessary dress code
  • Make sure to pack a first aid kit for the chaperones
  • Make sure the activities on the itinerary are kid friendly and something they would enjoy doing
  • Continually perform head counts to ensure all of the kids are with you
  • Make sure enough chaperones are available for the size of the group depending on age, that can range from 4:1 to 10:1
  • Start planning the trip with plenty of time so, it can be a more memorable experience
  • Keep Tylenol or ibuprofen just in case one of the children have a headache
  • Have patience throughout the whole process; planning a trip and traveling with kids can be stressful so, try to stay calm

Traveling with kids, especially in a group, takes a lot of time and energy to prepare for. Being prepared is the key to planning and traveling successfully. Now that you know what you need for the kids from our travel checklist for kids, start planning your trip today.