Tour Buses with Sleeping Bunks

Attention celebrities, musicians, authors, political groups and others embarking upon a cross-country tour: in addition to motor coaches, minibusses and school buses, also indexes bus owner/operators who own Entertainer buses in their fleet.

An entertainer bus, also known as a Sleeper Coach or a Tour Bus, is the vehicle of choice for groups looking to lease a bus for an extended period of time. These buses are unique and fall into a specialty classification within the database, as they are often leased for 30 days or more. They are the only bus type where driver and fuel costs are itemized in the quote.

The most distinguishing factor of the sleeper coach is, of course, the bunks. Some entertainer coaches eschew a large rear seating area to incorporate a King-size bed and other amenities you’d find in your own home bedroom. After all, Entertainer coaches are customized, mobile homes that aim to bring all of the niceties and luxuries of the home to the road.

All entertainer coaches are individually styled; meaning that no two entertainers are alike. They feature kitchen and lounge areas, complete with captain’s chairs, televisions, tables and perimeter-style seating.

The best way to determine what the interior of the entertainer bus looks like is to ask the owner for photos. After all, on an extended cross-country tour, you’ll be spending a lot of time on the bus, so it’s best to make sure the customized interiors fit your needs.

Unlike a charter bus, minibus or school bus, in which you save the most money by booking with local operators, the extra cost to deadhead an Entertainer coach is negligible when compared with the longevity of the full itinerary. Because the buses themselves are rented for extended periods of time (such as a month or longer), it’s not a problem to rent from a company half-way across the country to get the entertainer coach you want. Because of this, many entertainer coach companies call Nashville, Tennessee their home. Music City USA is home to a number of excellent Entertainer bus companies. Another popular area to find an Entertainer bus is Chicago, Illinois. It’s a good idea to use to search the major cities in your area of the country to track down a company that owns an Entertainer bus in their fleet. By contacting the owner directly, you can avoid hefty commission fees that national brokers impose on top of the going rate for the bus.

Cheers to hitting the road and seeing the country with the luxury that a sleeper coach provides. If you have any questions related to entertainer coach rental, feel free to contact the staff as we’d be glad to help you find the best bus operator to meet your needs.