How To Get The Best Deal on Group Hotel Reservations

You may have relied on using to find charter transportation for your group in the past, but did you know that we can also help you secure great group rates at hotels? It’s true! The hotels suggested by the operators listed in the directory are specifically looking to serve travel and tour groups. What kind of special treatment can these hotels offer your group? Let’s take a look…

Price Flexibility

Unlike most hotel directories online, “on-demand” booking isn’t available on This is due to how large hotel websites operate: they require a sheet of pre-determined rates from the hotel well in advance of the actual date you may be booking. Then, through custom algorithms, the rate is viewable, but this is often not the best rate you could secure, particularly for groups that are looking to rent a number of rooms.

In order to get you the best group reservation rates for hotels, we’ve taken the initiative to forge connections and give you access to the group sales managers at each hotel property. Direct email and telephone numbers are listed on each hotel profile within our directory. This means you’ll be getting your hotel booking information from an on-site group sales employee who can negotiate with your group to meet your needs, find the best room and rate setup for your group.

Special Treatment

Because you are dealing with a person instead of a computer, this allows you to express your group’s specific needs and requests. Within reason, this gives you wiggle room to negotiate some bonuses for your group like free WiFi or other perks the hotel can offer due to the business your group presents to the property. Most hotels comp the bus driver’s room as well.

Hospitality for Groups

In addition, hotels listed in the hotel directory come “pre-qualified” for handling tour and travel groups. These properties are familiar with group bookings and are able to tailor their services and hotel to fit your group needs. They are intimately familiar with providing hospitality services to both large and small tour groups. All of the hotels are members of NTA, the National Tour Association. Hotels that are members of NTA together make up an elite group of travel industry leaders.

Use as your one-stop shop for group travel and start planning your charter trip today.