Air Travel vs. Motorcoach Rental

We’ve all been doing the airport hustle for more than ten years, and the dance doesn’t get any easier. One… two… take off the shoes. Three… four… what’s the hold up for? Now, scan, re-pack your electronics, get your clothes back on and sprint to the gate. This is what it takes for one person to fly the friendly skies. Now, multiply that for group travel, and you’ll find yourself in a challenging war to protect the fun from group travel difficulties at airports. Consider the three S’ of hassle when considering flying for your group travel.


While we’ve essentially covered this, getting a group through security and maintaining peace may require saint status. Long lines, inefficient processes and lacking social graces could turn Doris Day into Oscar the Grouch. Once you actually get through the scanners, you need to mitigate group travel difficulties by keeping everyone from wandering off to Starbucks or not losing gear in the gray tubs.


Airports have improved their dining options, but you have to hunt them down. Given the amount of time spent in security, you and your group may be lucky to get to your gate on time. If your group does have the time and if you can find something not fried beyond recognition, then the sticker shock from the purchase will be a damper on the adventure before it’s even truly started.


Rain storms, blizzards, high wind, hail, mechanical issues, missing crew members, random attack of unicorns—these days it doesn’t take much to cause flight delays or cancellations. There’s only so much wiggle room when it comes to scheduling for groups. Flight changes create cascading difficulties that at some point can be unrecoverable.

Turning S’ Positive

The S’ turn positive when you evaluate them for renting a coach bus for your group. You manage the group list, so getting through security boils down to showing up on time. Dietary needs and budget concerns for meals can easily be planned around with stops offering a variety of quickly accessible, dining options. And, you can control the schedule with your coach bus. This allows an enormous amount of flexibility in your group’s day, enabling you to leave early to add in an unexpected side trip or leave later to avoid weather concerns. The big difference is you have the keys, and you are in control.

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