Snacks for Motorcoach Group Travel

There’s something special about a long trip on the road: watching the landscape go by across new places, passing the mile markers into new territories, and rocking out to music mixes. A beloved road trip essential, not to be overlooked, of course, is the snacks.

As a look under your car seat might remind you, the best road-trip snacks are small munchies fit for sharing. Healthy options for snacking are popular, especially for group trips with the young ones, so we’ll be taking a look at healthy and tasty options. At least, we wish we could restrict ourselves to a list like that! We’ll throw on some of our favorite candies on the tail-end of the list as a bonus. After all, we’ve worked hard to find healthy options. A little treat at the end isn’t out of the question, is it?


The nuts category offers plenty of tasty options. Keep in mind allergies of your passengers, but if nuts are OK, pull out that bag of trail mix and pass it around! Almonds, pistachios, and cashews are the lowest-calorie nuts and help suppress appetites. Walnuts and peanuts are additional healthy options. Meanwhile, macadamia nuts and pecans, while still delicious, contain the highest amounts of fat.

Fruits & Veggies:

Our parents always told us that fruits were “just like candy,” and while that simile was pretty hard to swallow as children, deep down we still knew the fruit flavors could be lip-smackingly good.

Blueberries and grapes make a great snacking option aboard a motorcoach. Those pining for pineapple, pear or papaya could opt for dried fruit, as it’s a less messy option than cutting into the whole fresh fruit and still retains much of the health benefits. When it comes to vegetables, who doesn’t love baby carrots? Grab a bag of those and pass them around the bus while encouraging your group to do their best Bugs Bunny impression.

Healthy nuts and fruits help suppress hunger and are a great casual snack to bring onto a motorcoach


Another high-in-protein but low-in-calories option is a beloved lunch box favorite: string cheese. And what goes better with cheese than crackers. Feel free to substitute crackers with pita chips, which are often a healthier replacement for traditional salted crackers. These are a sure-to-please selection for winery or vineyard groups.


If your motorcoach is equipped with TV monitors and a DVD player or Satelite TV, break out the popcorn. Remember to pre-pop it and take it along in a bag or Tupperware container, but this old fashioned movie treat works just as well on the open road in a charter bus. For taste buds seeking a similar texture but different flavor, bring along a bag of rice cakes. Many brands offer up a good source of whole grain and are less than 40 calories per serving.

Guilty Treats:

Because you can’t have a snack article without indulging a little bit, we decided to pick one category for our sweet tooth. What’s our favorite snack to pass around the bus? Gummy candies. Whether they take the form of bears, worms, rings, dinosaurs, or any other gummy mold, gummy candies are fruity, fun, and great to share.

If you’ve got snacks on the brain now, feel free to grab something! Our charter bus directory will all be here for you to peruse at your leisure as you craft the perfect itinerary for your next group trip. Like wine with dinner, have fun in pairing your charter journey with the perfect group snack.