Group Travel Planning in Chicago, Illinois


Pick your group’s coach and plot a course for the jewel of the Midwest. Chicago’s nickname may be “Second City,” but it is second to none for planning your group travel. It doesn’t matter what time of year you are targeting for your group’s trip. Yeah, we know that it can be incredibly cold or sweltering hot, depending on the month, but there are three “B’s” that make Chicago a great idea regardless of the season or the weather:


This uniquely American music originated from the Windy City from locals like Buddy Guy and Muddy Waters, and provides a pulse the Loop. From lavish halls to hole-in-the-wall bars, Chicago is brimming with places to feast on the blues.


Rain or shine… the show must go on, and Chicago is one of the liveliest theater communities outside of New York. The 2013 season boasts a roster of award winning productions, such as “Book of Mormon” and “Wicked,” along with pre-Broadway viewings of “Jekyll and Hyde” and “Big Fish.” Be sure to make the experience complete by checking out restaurant offerings near the theater at our restaurant directory.


While you’re searching for restaurants for your group’s Chicago trip, you have to schedule in some time for steak. Think about it… you wouldn’t go to Italy and not have pasta, right? The same is true for the Midwest, where beef is king. And, it’s not just the steak. It’s the potato, the drinks, the dark wood and candle light. Dining at a Chicago steakhouse is an experience, not just a meal. No matter how you cut it. You can’t go wrong with a Chicago steak dinner.

There’s actually no shortage of activities in Chicago. These are just a collection of attractions that will shine regardless of the sun.