Holiday Ideas to Keep the Group Cool this Season

The next few weeks are the calm before the storm. The calm before we all get wrapped up into paper and bows, holiday gatherings and cocktail parties, in short a whirlwind of activity. While it’s quiet, we wanted to throw out a questions and answers to make your life easier as we head into 2014.

What will you do with the kids during the holiday break?

No need to fret about sugar-charged children running, screaming and breaking everything at home. Just make sure to tire them out first. If you’re needing ideas, check out our attractions search to spark some ideas to keep the troops entertained while school is out.

How will you be picking up the flood of family members arriving by plane and train?

Turn those airport pickups from a headache into a night out for the whole family. Depending on the numbers, consider using a mini-bus or limo bus for some quality family bonding. If the distance isn’t too far, go for a little whimsy and opt for a trolley car.

Do you have enough space for everyone to sleep comfortably and enough bathroom space?

Keep those nightmares of the in-laws spending the night at bay. Our hotel finder can work to give you the best group rate in your hometown, even for small reservations. Better yet, take the lion’s share of logistics off of your shoulders and share the View on Map tool with your out-of-state relatives. The tool makes it easy to quickly find local attractions, restaurants and lodging, just like having a professional group planner on your side.

How about taking the extended crew out for a day trip?

Maybe this is the one year that the larger, extended family is able to get together. Then, think about getting a mini-bus, a limo bus or maybe even an executive coach to take everyone out for an adventure. Head out to the country. Take on the slopes. Maybe it’s a guy’s golf trip or a gal outing to the wineries. Regardless, these options are a safe and green way to get the whole gang there.

Have you figured out what you’ll do since your holidays will now be hassle free?

We recommend taking advantage of the whole family being in town to plan a group trip. Check out to explore charter rentals, lodging, attractions and even restaurant options to plan a trip of a lifetime.

We hope this helps provide some good food for thought to plan for the upcoming holiday season. Be sure to get started today before this calm goes away.