Holiday Group Travel Planning


Believe it or not we are less than a hundred days out from Christmas. So, now is the time to finalize travel plans and group travel offerings in conjunction with Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year.

As we discussed earlier, hitting the road in a charter bus is the smart choice for its low hassle factor and high green one. Besides it provides the opportunity for the group to relax, watch a movie or play a game. Consider building itineraries like the following for fa-la-la’ing:

Plan for Parades

According to the Travel Channel, the top five places to give thanks sitting street side with thousands of other Americans are New York, Chicago, Plymouth, MA; Detroit and Houston.

Plan to Shop

The economy and your loved ones will appreciate this trip. If you planned around Black Friday, you could package it with a parade trip, given that some of the best shopping cities are also on the parade list. Really you can’t miss any of the sparkle or shine in New York or Chicago come December.

Plan to Ski

Clearly, Colorado and Utah are where you want to head if you plan to use your skis. Forbes’ list of top locales for skiing last year included 7 out of 10 out of those two states. Of course, there’s plenty of good skiing in the Mid-Atlantics and New England. And, if you plan a trip to Vermont, you can theme it with a viewing of “White Christmas.”

Plan to Surf

If you’re looking for sand instead of snow, really there are only two options: Florida and California. Both coasts will be bursting with plenty of sunshine and surf to help defrost any early chill. We’ve heard that vitamin D makes any holiday that much merrier.

Finally, we would offer group travelers an option to do nothing but frivolity. This could be heading to a resort or spa. Maybe plan large group outings to wineries or distilleries that could be great for friends or offices to gather socially to mark the year’s end.

The key to all of it is planning the right ride for the road. We can help you with that by clicking here and using our search. We can even help you find other enhancements like attractions or restaurants. It’s all on to help everyone keep calm and travel on (even when it’s the holidays).