Best Group bus Deals

How to Find the Best Group Travel Deals

When you travel in a group, everyone gets a good deal. But did you know that, with a little research and planning, you can lower out-of-pocket travel costs even more?

How can you get the best group travel deals on hotels, event seating, transportation, and other accommodations for your group trip? Use these tips to spend less while having more fun.

Off-Season Savings

Choose your arrival and departure dates carefully to shave some dollars off of your vacation bill.

  • During the winter months, resorts and venues offer significantly reduced prices to woo chilly travelers out of their comfortable homes. January is the cheapest month for most travel destinations.
  • Want to go sightseeing in a major city without breaking your budget? Plan your trip for the week after a major concert, sports event, or another gathering. After large events, accommodation providers usually slash prices to keep rooms occupied.

Be flexible with your timeline to realize big savings on your group travel plans.

Get Professional Help

Skip the discount sites and get help from a professional travel planner for an awesome yet low-cost trip. Here are some of the ways travel planners lower your travel costs.

  • Experienced travel planners develop a network of hotels, local guides, and event coordinators. These connections allow them access to deals and discounts others don’t even know to exist.
  • Besides their connections, travel planners have exclusive knowledge about many travel locations. They can use that information to find the best accommodations in your budget range.
  • Discount travel websites make it difficult to book multiple rooms or seats. Your travel planner can arrange for blocks of accommodations while still securing a healthy discount.

Working with a travel planner is an investment in your superior vacation experience.

Do It Yourself

Why pay for something you can do yourself? Take matters into your own hands to realize the most savings on your group excursion. Best way to do this is to use BusRates!

  • Instead of purchasing plane tickets, rent a charter bus for your trip. You’ll get privacy, convenience, and the ability to set your own schedule with less money than it takes to buy several seats on public transportation.
  • Make it a camping trip! If you’re traveling to an area near a campground, skip the overpriced hotels. This is a great option for groups of teens and youngsters.
  • Don’t let road trip food ruin your travel budget. Pack snacks and drinks in coolers before you set off for your adventure.

Use these tips to make your group travel more fun and affordable for everyone.