Travel with Kids – Summer Group Travel

Spring Break signals that summer vacation is around the corner. That means twelve weeks of unstructured time begging to be filled up. In our book, when you travel with kids, nothing says summer quite like catching a baseball game. The great thing about watching the boys of summer is the ballparks are in cities with other great group attractions. This makes for a great combination for kid group travel options. Regardless where you are, baseball is the diamond gateway for a fantastic trip for when you travel with kids.


When talking baseball, it’s best to start with the oldest ballpark in the nation, Boston’s beloved Fenway Park. Opened in 1912, it is one of the last of the early 20th century parks, and is still going strong after more than 100 years. It’s easy to make a day at Fenway with watching the Red Sox and touring the historic park.

Boston also provides a slick way to sneak in some history lessons. From the Freedom Trail to the U.S.S. Constitution, Boston is a great place to explore the early days of America so your group of kids can get an interesting history lesson as well.


Similar excursions can be built up and down the East Coast. However, Washington, D.C., takes the cake for pleasing a diverse crowd of kids. Your crowd can take in current events at the National Capitol or learn about innovation at the National Air and Space Museum. Read the actual Declaration of Independence or honor the nation’s forefathers with the monuments that line the 2.5 mile stretch of the National Mall. After the National Mall, you can catch the Washington Nationals at their high tech home. There are many reasons to visit DC when you travel with kids.


Planning a trip around seeing the Colorado Rockies offers a few different options for your kid crew. You could stay in Denver visiting the Denver Mint and the zoo or taking on the rollercoasters at Elitch Gardens.

Alternatively, an outdoor adventure might be the great compliment to the Mile High City baseball game. Rocky Mountain National Park is 71-miles from town, and offers ranger-led activities, plus hundreds of trails and scenic areas ready to be explored.


San Diego wins hands down with the best summer-themed kids trip and great outdoor activities for groups. Planning a trip to San Diego offers the opportunity to enjoy the great California beaches, plus a chance to watch the San Diego Padres.

Plus, there are great parks that get the kids engaged with our animal friends and keep the kids outside, enjoying the summer sun. They can meet Samu and friends at Sea World, visit the more than 4,000 animals at the famous San Diego Zoo or explore the tide pools and its creatures in their natural habitat at Cabrillo National Monument.

Make Your Trip a Real Hit

So now that you are thinking about children travel planning and you have some destinations in mind for your travel with kids, what’s next? First of all you are going to need a way to get everyone there safe and secure. Check out our charter bus directory to find a bus that can take your group of kids from point A to point B. Next, you need to think about where you can all stay for the night. The best place you can start is our directory of group hotels. You can search by check in and out date, number of rooms needed, State, City, Zip or even by a specific hotel name if you have a favorite in mind. If you are looking to find even more attractions in the surrounding area, try our free directory of attractions for groups. Also, if we all know anything about kid group travel, you can be sure they will get hungry! Find group friendly restaurants along the way of your trip!