Group Travel Plans for Memorial Day

We’ve finally made it to May after a long, dark and snowy winter. In the coming weeks, plans will be flying around on what to do with our first three day weekend since February. We hope that the following will inspire some amazing group travel ideas for the upcoming Memorial Day.

O beautiful for spacious skies, ♫

(From Acadia to Zion… the National Parks offer the best skies in the land.)

For amber waves of grain, ♪

(You could head to Kansas or Nebraska… or take a more liberal interpretation of grains and head to one of America’s Beer Cities, like Portland, Denver or Boston.)

For purple mountain majesties ♫

(The Rocky Mountains extend across five states from New Mexico up north to Idaho and Wyoming.)

Above the fruited plain! ♪

( interruption here: We know it says plain, but let’s talk about your plan. Regardless if you’re planning a trip for fifteen or fifty, make sure you have the best charter for your group travel needs. Check out the options here.)

America! America! ♫ ♫

God shed his grace on thee ♪

(Does it get more American than baseball? Consider grabbing the gang, your cap and heading out to one of the 29 MLB ballparks in the US. Minor league games work as well.)

And crown thy good with brotherhood ♫

From sea to shining sea! ♪

(Your group travelers could soak up the sun on the sugar beaches of Panama Beach, the pristine dunes of the Outer Banks or while riding the righteous waves in San Diego.)