Motor Coach Travel Safer, More Flexible, Less Expensive

There are so many details to think about as you map out your next vacation, but the mode of travel can be an easy choice.

Renting a charter bus is not only a relaxing and easy way to go — leave the driving to someone else! — motorcoach transportation is safer than cars, less expensive than trains and planes, and more flexible than air travel. And did you know buses are the greenest mode of transportation when compared with planes, trains and automobiles? Search for a motor coach, charter bus or coach bus in your area.

While you might be up for a little bit of adventure during your trip, when it comes to getting there, you want your family or travel buddies to be as safe as possible. Buses equal safety. Statistics show that riding in a bus is significantly safer than riding in a car. In fact, when analyzing passenger miles, those who ride in America’s buses are 46 times safer than riding in a car.

Saving pennies as you travel allows you to spend more at that irresistible gift shop or the restaurant you saw featured on your favorite foodie television show. Motor coach travel can save you money when compared to train and plane tickets or car maintenance and gasoline on a long trip.

Unlike crossing the country by plane, a motor coach ride also allows you to see sights along the way, whether it’s the spring wildflowers in the Arizona desert or your first glimpse of the Rocky Mountains as you cruise through Montana or Wyoming.

Plus, you’ll be dropped off at your hotel door, without having to wait endlessly on a shuttle van or pay for a long taxi ride from the airport. And forget about all those airline rules. Keep your shoes and belts on. Bring those large bottles of shampoo and mouthwash and forego any baggage fees.

And when you’re traveling by motor coach, you can rest assured you’re having a smaller impact on the environment than if you drove or flew. A bus emits about 80 percent less carbon monoxide than a car does and has a far smaller impact on climate change than a plane.

In fact, would you believe that two people on a motor coach can cut their carbon impact almost in half than if they drove a hybrid car? That’s according to the “Getting There Greener,” a report from the Union of Concerned Scientists. That same couple will cut their emissions by 55 to 75 percent riding in the bus than if they flew.

So gather your pals and start planning your motor coach trip today, secure in the fact that you’re saving money, taking a safer ride and even helping the environment.