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Motorcoach Road Trip Packing 101

Road tripping via motorcoach is one of the best ways to experience the US (or any country for that matter.) A coach offers luxury amenity options, comfort, convenience, and the ability to travel with a large group all in the same vehicle. Whether you’re taking a charter bus for your family reunion or for a business retreat, you’ll want to pack these items for ultimate road trip comfort.

Layers: A nice warm sweater, a light jacket, extra socks, and a light blanket are all great items to bring with you in your carryon for your coach road trip. Wear a short-sleeve shirt and then you can layer up or down depending on the temperature of the bus and what’s comfortable for you.

Snacks: This one should go without saying, but it never hurts to have a reminder! Pack your favorite snack to accompany you on your adventure. Chips, fruit leather, popcorn, candy, and jerky are all classics when it comes to road tripping and for good reason. They’re all delicious and easy to eat.

Tech: No matter the length of the road trip, you’re bound to want a little entertainment. Bring your Kindles, iPads, laptops, phones, headphones, etc… with content downloaded to keep you entertained.

Simple Wardrobe and Grooming Routine: It’s easy to overpack your bag when going on vacation, but all you really need are pieces that are interchangeable and your grooming necessities. Try packing a capsule wardrobe and just the toiletries you absolutely need and see how much easier it is to travel.

Traveling is fun and it’s even better when you bring the right items! Follow this packing list to make your next chartered road trip the best it can be.