Outdoor Group Travel Ideas for Summer

Embrace the wild animal within and form your wolf pack to take on some of the country’s most valuable treasures: its National Parks. From Redwood in California to Shenandoah in Virginia; from Big Bend in Texas to Saint Croix in Minnesota, the land of the brave offers over 400 incredible wilderness opportunities to prove one’s mettle. However, don’t forget your fellow man! In our opinion, experiencing the majesty in nature that National Parks offer is best shared with a group. That’s why we’re taking a look at some of the best ideas to get an outdoorsy group together and rent a charter bus.


Ahhh, camping. Nothing beats cutting the cord and setting up home in the great outdoors. Deepen your relationship with leaves, rocks and dirt by taking your camping comrades on an excursion outside. Whether you opt to rent a bus with common luxuries like WiFi and Satellite TV to reach your fully equipped camping site, or go bare bones with a school bus rental to shuttle you as far as the road goes into a National Park, you’ll find plenty to appreciate. Just be sure to Google that berry before you eat it!


Nothing brings the group together like boarding a small floating vessel and attacking Mother Nature’s force atop foaming water rapids. Rent a minibus to take your water warriors on a voyage they won’t forget and build teamwork all along the way. Bring your own lifejacket and trusty paddle to stash it in the minibus luggage compartment until you need it, or get outfitted onsite with attractions that welcome new and hardened river navigators. Some of our favorite whitewater rafting rivers can be found in the following areas: Colorado River, Arizona; Chattooga River, South Carolina; and Youghiogheny, Maryland.

Rappelling & Rock Climbing

Go ahead, tie a rope around a tree and just shimmy on down a sheer cliff face for 520 feet. If that actually sounds appealing to you, have we got an idea for you! Drop everything (unless you’re already rappelling!) and get a group together for some adrenaline-fueled Man vs. Mountain challenges. Rappelling and rock climbing is like an extreme trust-fall exercise for a team, so make sure you can count on your fellow mates–it may be best to make sure the whole group agrees with who’s in charge of securing the rope up top! Charter a bus out to the hills to get your group’s adrenaline firing. Rock climbing at its core is a perfect group activity (after all, you should never rock climb alone!) and reaching the best cliffs can be only a short coach ride away.

If we’ve inspired you to take on a wild challenge, or if we’ve awakened your inner beast, start planning your outdoors travel expedition by renting a bus to quench that thirst.