luggage storage on bus

Luggage Storage and What to Bring on a Motorcoach

Buses are known for luggage storage, it’s one of the most advantageous attributes of charter transportation. The ability to pack the luggage you need without having to worry about all of the restrictions that airline passengers are required to face. The accommodating luggage storage areas underneath full-size motorcoaches house suitcases and even large items comfortably.

So, luggage storage is important but not the only thing to consider when picking a vehicle. That isn’t to say you should pack your lion, witch and wardrobe just because you can, though! In order to help you assist your group in packing efficiently, we’ve collected a few great tips to make sure everyone grabs the items that will be most valuable for the itinerary at hand.

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First off, a word from the wise on luggage storage: pack lightly. Although a charter or minibus can handle your luggage, that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to effortlessly haul it around. If it’s too heavy for you to manage easily, re-evaluate what you’ve packed and see what can go.

When determining which items to remove and which to keep when dealing with luggage storage, keep in mind the weather and activities detailed on your itinerary. Cold destinations favor dressing in layers, and if rain is in the forecast for your trip, keep in mind umbrellas and hats can be purchased on-site and save room in the suitcase. Determine whether formal dress is needed and pack appropriately. Fashionistas suggest keeping to two basic colors and lots of separates to make mixing and matching easy.

Those luggage storage Tetris skills also come in handy; the better organized your suitcase, the easier it will be to locate and take advantage of each piece you bring. Employ tactics such as rolling, folding and layering. Pro-tip: stuff socks or belts into shoes to save space.

Keep in mind, during the luggage storage process, that once your luggage is safely loaded into the motorcoach under passenger compartment, it’ll be there until you reach your destination for the night. Any items you’ll need access to during the ride, including electronics, cash, medicine, or other creature comforts should be taken aboard in a carry-on.

Since you’ll likely be spending time on foot as well as on wheels, pack comfortable, casual footwear. To relax after a long day of touring, pack a swimsuit in case your hotel has a pool or sauna, and a plastic bag in case you don’t have time to let it dry before hitting the road again. Keep your clothes smelling fresh with a sheet of fabric softener in the suitcase. Here are some other tips to help you with your group travel planning.

In order to avoid any confusion, your luggage storage offloading will be greatly sped up if you label your bag on the inside and out. This is just in case a fellow passenger mistakenly picks up the wrong suitcase (a colorful ribbon tied to the bag works as an easy indicator). The ultimate preparer will even make a list of all items in the suitcase in the event luggage is lost or stolen and a claim needs to be made.

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