Rent a Party Bus Info and Guide

Within the past few years the popularity of renting party buses has escalated among the 21 and older crowd as an exciting way to safely celebrate the night. Whether the group’s itinerary calls for a pub crawl, sports game or concert, the real star of the evening becomes the ride itself. But what is a party bus, exactly?

Did you know that a “party bus,” as the industry clarifies it, is actually a retro-fitted school bus? categorizes the party bus by this definition; check out our reference guide for a flash card approach to all 11 different bus types and accompanying industry definitions. Limo buses are a popular alternative for a party bus, so you may notice operators with limo buses alongside search results for party buses on

You can search for local bus operators in your area on our Bus Charter Search and Info page.

Can You Drink on a Bus?

A common misconception is that alcohol is only allowed on “party buses,” but the actual rules for governing alcohol on buses fall to bus owner discretion and county legislation. Now in Canada, alcohol on board is illegal. About 80% of operators in the United States, however, do allow alcohol on board their equipment. On a operator profile, look for a checkmark by ALCH to indicate if the operator allows alcohol on board the bus. Whether you rent a minibus, deluxe motor coach or other bus, just be sure to communicate to the company you rent from whether you intend to bring or consume alcohol on board. It’s common practice for the bus operator to collect a damage deposit, often $150 to $250, which is refundable after the trip.

From School Bus to Party Bus

Now, back to these retro-fitted school buses known as party buses. This repurposing of a bus is also known as a conversion (store that trivia tidbit in your memory bank). So how is a school bus converted into a party bus? There’s no blueprint—each converted bus is unique—but we’ll give you an idea of what to most commonly expect.


Those high-back forward-facing seats you remember from your elementary school days are most likely ripped out of the party bus in favor of limo-style perimeter seating. Imagine a big wrap-around couch and you’ll have the idea. The center aisle typically remains clear to allow patrons to walk up and down the bus. You may also find a dancing pole in the aisle.

Audio Visual

Speaking of dancing, party buses are typically outfitted with some serious sound systems. If music is the life of your party on wheels, opt for a party bus with a full kit: subs, speakers, and tweeters for surround sound while on the road. Ceiling-mounted TV monitors, although common on deluxe motor coaches aren’t usually included on party buses. Some owners do add large flat screen TVs to the front or back of the bus.


Who even needs to go to the club when you’ve got a dynamic light show right inside the bus? Spotlights, strobe lights, disco balls and LED light tubes are no strangers to a party bus. There’s no better complement to the party ambiance.

Traveling by bus is one of the safest forms of transportation and a well-maintained party bus rented from a reliable operator is no exception to this statistic. Remember to stay safe on board, too; drink responsibly and respect the bus driver. And don’t forget that drinking isn’t even needed to party. Party bus rentals are also great for prom, kid’s birthday parties, or to accent any fun group get-together. Use to get custom quotes from a party bus operator in your local area.