Planning a Group Travel Itinerary Efficiently

Chances are you found us looking to rent a bus, but our resource-rich directory doesn’t stop there! Let’s take a look at how the directory is growing to be more than your transportation partner and is poised to be a powerful group travel assistant.

The directory is like your own personal travel agent. We’ve done much of the work for you in finding and organizing group-friendly destinations and services for charter and tour groups. Hop between hotels, buses and restaurants on-the-fly, adding and removing companies and places at will.

Browse through the company profiles for travel inspiration, or use the search filters to find exactly what you’re looking for when building your next group itinerary. When you submit your itinerary, you will also receive an email confirmation including the names, addresses, and contact information for each service provider you selected.

All of the travel partners (hotels, attractions and restaurants) are members of the National Tour Association or the United Motorcoach Association, so you can be sure these businesses welcome and appreciate group travelers. Whether it’s convenient motorcoach loading and uploading or competitive rates for group bookings, you’ll have a leg-up over other planners with the results that the directory provides. Remember that the companies listed on our website are excited to receive group travelers and are accustomed to providing the type of customer care that tour groups require.

Using the map feature on is another great way to gather your bearing and determine which nearby stops make the most sense for your tour. Or you can enter a zip or postal code to get results sorted in proximity to reduce transit time, keeping your travel planning efficient.

When contacting hotels or attractions suggested by, you’re not given pre-generated rates from a spreadsheet; rather you are given the direct contact information for the group sales department. Either through email, web or phone, this allows you to expressly communicate the makeup of your group to ensure that everyone’s needs are met and also negotiate great value for your traveling troupe. Taking a moment to personalize and customize is what makes group travel so unique and memorable.

We encourage you to get started on the road to planning your dream itinerary today with – just start your search from your starting city.