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How to Plan a Group Trip to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a beautiful location with plenty of fun activities, quality restaurants and beautiful sights to behold. If you and a large group of friends or family are celebrating an exciting event, Pittsburgh is the perfect location for friendly interactions and new adventures around any corner. 

Planning your group trip to Pittsburgh can take time and dedication to sort out before finalizing anything. Luckily, with this guide to Pittsburgh, you’ll get inspiration with local top-rated restaurants, hotels and activities to add to your bucket list.

Take a look at the following tips for planning a trip and a sample Pittsburgh itinerary.

Planning Your Trip

The minor details that go into your trip can help ensure everything goes smoothly for you and your group as you travel to Pittsburgh. From transportation to hotel stays, there are many factors to consider in your plans. 

For inspiration for your trip to Pittsburgh, take a look at transportation ideas, a few local restaurants, hotels and memorable activities to add to your bucket list.

Transportation Around Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh roads are fun to drive through to catch sights of the city’s most beautiful landmarks and attractions. However, they are also challenging to maneuver because of the traffic from locals and tourists. 

To make transportation as easy as possible for you and your group, rent a bus in Pittsburgh for your trip. A rental bus is big enough to fit your large group of 10 or more comfortably so you can relax and stretch out on your way to the next activity. You can also bring any essentials you want, like cameras, extra outfits or luggage you might need to make your trip go as smoothly as possible. 

With the help of a rented bus, you can travel with your group without having to rent multiple taxis that can separate you from the rest of your friends or family. This convenient group transportation to Pittsburgh option is an affordable, safe and easy first choice when planning your trip.

Places to Stay in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Places to Stay in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Dozens of Pittsburgh hotels give you a relaxing place to unwind after a long day of sightseeing, historical tours and endless fun. From luxury stays to downtown locations, you can select from several hotels that give you and your group the relaxation you need for a new day of exploring the city. 

Here are a few places you can book for your trip to Pittsburgh:

  • Drury Plaza Hotel Pittsburgh Downtown: The Drury Plaza Hotel gives you a spectacular view of downtown Pittsburgh with a relaxing ambiance in your room. You can enjoy a delicious breakfast at the hotel before venturing to nearby museums and other fun attractions in Pittsburgh.
  • Omni William Penn Hotel: Vacation in luxury with this glamorous historic hotel in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh. Enjoy a comfortable stay in one of the suites and spend time in the ballroom, tea room or restaurant to make the most of your trip. This location is only a few miles from the city’s notorious sports stadiums.
  • Hilton Garden Inn Pittsburgh Downtown: A stay at this relaxing hotel is a perfect way to unwind after a day of sightseeing. Enjoy a meal at the hotel’s on-site restaurant for a delicious dinner to end the day.

Places to Eat in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

There are delicious cuisines around every corner in this city, so you can find a restaurant to satisfy your group’s taste buds before setting out to do fun stuff in Pittsburgh. Since there’s no shortage of incredible views around the city that you can enjoy while you eat, you can choose from this guide to Pittsburgh restaurants that offer a scenic atmosphere.

Take a look at some of the most amazing restaurants in Pittsburgh with a great view of the city’s most remarkable sights.

  • Coughlin’s Law Kitchen and Ale House: Rooftop views of the city are a great way to reflect on your trip with tasty burgers, breakfast foods, salads and wings.
  • Farmer X Baker: Locally grown ingredients help make this restaurant’s menu stand out to locals and tourists. While overlooking the Allegheny River, you can try their unique burgers, soups and vegetables.
  • Over Eden: Seasonal Mediterranean food and a rooftop bar give your group a taste of life in the city. Enjoy deliciously memorable meals while getting a one-of-a-kind view of downtown Pittsburgh. 
  • The Grandview Saloon: This lively terrace restaurant offers mouthwatering burgers, fish, steak and other bistro meals. Start your group’s night out on the town with a view from Mt. Washington and an evening of drinking.
  • The Commoner: Stop for breakfast or dinner to enjoy this restaurant’s seasonal menus. Dine on classic comforts that get a modern spin.
  • Hofbräuhaus: Enjoy a taste of German cuisine at this popular Bavarian restaurant that overlooks the Monongahela River.
  • The Foundry Table & Tap: This indoor and outdoor restaurant serves a wide selection of American cuisine, from burgers to pan-seared salmon. The open dining spaces in this location are perfect for large group outings and ending the night with drinks. 

Things to Do in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The phrase “time flies while you’re having fun” is incredibly accurate when visiting Pittsburgh’s historic and lively city. Hours can go by quickly, but the memories will last forever. If you want a fun day planned with sightseeing and history, here’s a potential Pittsburgh itinerary for additional ideas on your group trip:

  • Have a breathtaking brunch: Start the day with a group trip to the Grandview Saloon. Enjoy several delicious brunch options, including french toast and egg brioche and view the city below while making plans for the day ahead.
  • Take a trip to the city’s museums: Pittsburgh is home to many unique museums you can explore in the mid-morning and early afternoon. If your group enjoys history and art, you can take your group to some of the most popular attractions in Pittsburgh, including the Carnegie Museum of Natural History and The Andy Warhol Museum.
  • Learn the history of Pittsburgh: Spend the mid-afternoon learning about the origins of this historic city while sipping on wines and brewed selections from City Brew Tours Pittsburgh. This stop is a great way to relax with friends and family, with small snack options to hold everyone off until dinner. 
  • Stop for dinner with a view: The restaurants listed above are perfect dinner destinations to take in the city’s breathtaking sights. Each option offers American cuisine and other delicious dining options for the whole group.
  • End the night with a show: After a delicious dinner at one of the local Pittsburgh restaurants, you can finish your exciting group trip with a show at Roxian Theater. Music artists, plays and performances take place at this location to end your visit on a high note. 
  • Root for your favorite local team: If your group enjoys the high competitiveness of local Pittsburgh pride, you can find yourself in the seas of white, black and yellow in Acrisure Stadium, PNC Park or the PPG Paints Arena. You might be able to catch a Steelers, Pirates or Penguins game to end the day, depending on the timing of your trip. 

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