Senior Group Travel

Planning a Senior Group Travel Trip Through California

California is full of activities for seniors to enjoy. From winery tours in Napa Valley to beach walks in Malibu, there is something perfect for every senior travel group to enjoy.

California offers a lot of new things for seniors to learn and explore. Senior group travel to California is a great way for the group to meet new people and spend their time exploring new cities. Here are 5 tips for a senior group travel trip through California.

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Here’s a list of 5 things that will make your next senior group trip to California perfect!

  1. Experience Malibu’s Beauty. From the beaches to the sun, there is more than enough beauty to experience. Walking along the Pacific Ocean is a great way for seniors to get exercise and see something they have never seen before. Sunshine and the amazing sunsets will keep morale up and refresh the soul.
  2. Napa Valley Wine Tours. Senior group travel to Napa Valley would involve tasting every wine the seniors can. Sitting at the winery surrounded by the beautiful green vineyards tasting new wines is a must have experience for anyone. Whether they go on The Napa Wine Train or visit one or two of the beautiful wineries, the trip will not be easily forgotten by the seniors.
  3. See California’s cities. From Los Angeles to San Francisco, there are many new cultures for seniors to experience in California’s cities. They have a lot to offer from delicious food to unique boutiques for shopping. Because all of the options in all of California’s cities will keep the seniors happy and give each group member something to look forward to.
  4. Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Senior group travel to Hollywood can be extremely exciting for the seniors. Because they can experience what it’s like to be one of their favorite soap stars. Living in the Beverly Hills style can be fun to see all of the high end, well-known shops, and restaurants.
  5. San Diego Zoo. It’s one of the most popular zoos in the nation. Seniors can take a guided bus tour and see all of their favorite animals. Whether it’s a tiger or an elephant, the seniors can catch a glimpse of almost any animal they desire. It is good not only physically, but mentally for seniors to get out and experience the sun and animals at the zoo.

Now that you have some tips for planning senior group travel through California, you can start planning your trip today.