Bus Rental on Reality TV Shows

The ripple effect caused by the meteor that is reality tv has even landed into our world here at BusRates.com. These days charter rentals are featured locales for prime time, reality characters as they go about their group adventures. Some trips have more drama than others (we’re thinking of you New Jersey), which can be a bonus for the viewer. Regardless, their ride is always perfect for the occasion.

Below are just a few recent charter rentals that made their debut on reality tv.

Limo Bus

In mid-October, the cheftestants on “Top Chef New Orleans” took to the streets in the Big Easy in a gorgeous limo bus. Their slick rental took them and celebrity chef Emril to prime Vietnamese locales throughout NOLA in preparations for their next challenge. Now you don’t have to be cooking for your big break to experience this, just pull your group together for some fun. The limo bus can accommodate up to 30 passangers and is sometimes capabable for longer trips. The current national average price per day for local use, low miles is $1545.

Executive/Day Coach and Minibus

Continuing on Bravo, the folks over at the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” took quite the excursion out to wine country. Within that emotional rollercoaster of their reality tv excursion, the group used both the minibus and the day coach to get their more than 20-person group around Northern California. The minibus was used for the shorter trip from the airport to pick up their day coach. You could rent a minibus for local trips or getting groups to and fro for about $820/day (current national average for local use, low miles). The day coach is for longer outings and offers a more home-on-the-road feel. That homey feeling will run approximately $1340 a day (current national average for local use, low miles).

Executive/Day Coach

The day coach was also a rental of choice for the crew at “ABC’s Extreme Make Over: Home Edition.” It served as the general gathering place for cast and crew. Plus, the slick surroundings provided a wall to prevent families from seeing their new home. The cry, “Move that bus” meant tears were on the way with the new house unveiling, but for you the new would be scenery from the road.


Finally, we’d like to throw out an old school reference just to show that charters and realty tv have always gone hand-in-hand. For this, we give you a quick shot of MTV’s “Road Rules: All Stars,” circa 1988, aboard a minibus.

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