Five Essentials for a Group Road Trip

Most of the country has hit temperatures above 60, and we’ve turned the calendar over to May. That means we are officially in road trip season! We here at wanted to offer the essentials of the perfect road trip before the call of the open road lures you aware from the keyboard.

1. The Perfect Wheels

Your charter bus rental is the road trip equivalent to colors for a wedding or a font to branding. It sets the tone for the trip, while also being functional. You can scope out all of the different bus types, but we’ve got the entire range covered. If the goal is a short trip where maybe cocktails are the priority, check out the renovated buses. If you can’t bear to leave anyone at home, consider a charter or minibus to make it merrier. A charter bus can seat more than 55 guests, while a minibus can accommodate smaller groups of ten to 36. All the options available to you are great for any group travel size. Plus, it’s a green and safe way to hit the road.

2. A Great Destination for the Group

Knowing where you’re headed makes it easier to get the right crowd for the journey. Call up the gals and hit New York or DC for sights and shopping. Gather the guys for gambling and golf. Herd up family and friends for a time at the beach.

3. Delicious Eats

Good eats are a must for any vacation. You can plan onboard snacks around your destination. Headed to the Jersey Shore? Think salt-water taffy. A ball game? Popcorn and peanuts are in order. Once you get to your destination, then you need to find a place that can accommodate your group travelers.

4. Serious Entertainment

Kids aren’t the only ones who get bored on the road. The scenery is great, but we are an MTV society. Sometimes a little entertainment is necessary to keep questions like “Are we there yet?” muted. Take advantage of the TV/DVD systems and show videos on the trip. Or check bus operator profiles on for a WiFi designation and stream video from the web during the charter. It could be a John Hughes showcase (We’d recommend “Sixteen Candles” as part of that one.) or a “Die Hard” marathon.

5. Documentation

If a group goes on vacation and doesn’t take pictures, did it really happen? To avoid losing memories or moments, everyone can use their cell phones to catch the awe-inspiring or hilarious along the journey. The pics can be easily shared by using social media sites like Instagram. Travelers can all use the same hashtag when they upload so the group can easily find their trip’s shots.

Now that you’ve got the toolkit for the perfect trip…. Where will the road take you this year?