Why Are School Buses An Affordable Transportation for Groups

Sometimes it’s good to feel like a kid again. School buses make an affordable method of transportation for groups of all ages. Most school buses you see operating school routes are not available to rent, so use BusRates.com to browse companies near your local area that own and operate school buses for private charter. Pack a box lunch for the trip like old times, put on your backpack, and get your friends together for local transportation or shuttling around town for any type of event.

School buses themselves typically seat 44 or 48 adults, but if small children are riding, the buses can fit up to 70 with 3 to a seat.

School bus interiors are nothing flashy and have changed little over the time. In fact, they’re likely how you remember them. High-backed seats function to both give you back and neck comfort, but also act as a protective cushion. It’s this reason why seat belts aren’t mandated by the federal government for school bus passengers. The school bus is a safe and reliable vehicle.

Grab a seat onboard the bus and let the driver take you to your destination

A warning for those traveling long distances: if you’re anticipating taking a long trip, possibly out of state or overnight, a school bus will not be ideal. Mechanically, school buses were not designed for long trips and highway travel. The function of the school bus is shuttling. Trips that are for local use and low miles are a school bus’ favorite.

School buses are suitable for many group types. Dress up the bus a bit for wedding transportation, or take the bus downtown to your favorite watering holes for a pub crawl. Youth group shuttling and scholastic events are a perfect match for school buses, including sports and music travel.

Affordable Transportation

The main draw for school bus rental is affordability. The national average rate for a school bus rental (10 hours of use, local use, low miles) is $610. That’s the lowest day rate compared to other bus types you’ll find indexed in the BusRates.com directory. Be sure to call or submit a quote request to companies listed on BusRates.com to receive an exact price quote for your specific itinerary.

Amenities may vary aboard school buses. Air conditioning is one amenity that is commonly requested, particularly in summer for hot weather. Conversely, heating on buses is more common for those traveling in winter months (especially in states known for their cold weather), so when looking to book a school bus, be sure to ask if temperature control is a concern for your group.

Find bus operators who own school buses available for private charter within the BusRates.com directory. Start your search today to find the best bus type for your group.