Group Ski Trips, Wisp Resort and More

It’s well known that the continental United States has some amazing spots for skiing and group ski trips. However, if you live in the deep South or Mid-Atlantic states getting to Colorado or other points West or North can be a challenge. thinks you can get a snow fix without sacrificing large amounts of time and high travel expenses. Maryland, North Carolina and Tennessee each boast slopes for all experience levels.


Maryland is home to Wisp Resort, one of the longest running operations in the region, in Western Maryland, just three hours from Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Annapolis and Washington, DC. Boasting 121 days in their season, Wisp has 32 slopes and trails over 132 acres. With more than just offering group ski trips, this is a perfect destination choise. The near-by adventure park also offers snow tubing, ice skating and Mountain Coaster. Night skiing is also available on 90-percent of the mountain.

North Carolina

The Tar Heel State is home to six ski resorts, all along the western board. Beech Mountain Resort is the highest ski elevation in the East at 5,506 feet. They have 15 slopes offering day and night skiing opportunities for your group ski trip. One of the more popular resorts is Sugar Mountain Resort with 20 slopes and trails for skiing and snowboarding across 115 acres. The peak is at 5,300 and requires a mile and a half long chairlift ride. Learn more about the other North Carolina resorts here.


There’s no shortage of activity options at Ober Gatlinburg, located at Mount Harrison in the heat of the Smokey Mountains. The resort has nine trails, plus a snow tubing park, just three miles from downtown Gatlinburg. You can travel between the town and the resort via the Ober Gatlinburg Aerial Tramway, which is one of America’s largest cable cars. If you get tired of the snow, there are amusement park rides, arcades and a 62,000 sq ft mall with an ice skating rink and shops for entertainment options. Be sure to check them out when you are planning your group ski trips.

Virginia and West Virginia also offer multiple options for skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing and snowmobiling with your group. All of this to say that you don’t have to head West to hit the slopes. Now the key will be choosing the right charter, where to stay and maybe even where to eat. That’s where can help with our search directories, featuring charter bus owners/operators and hotels that are members of the National Tour Association.