Group Hotels, Bookings for Charters

You’ve selected your rental bus using our handy bus type reference guide. Now, it’s time to figure out where your group is going to stay on their journey. We’re talking lodge, abode, hotel, motel, inn, crash pad… a place for your group to rest their heads. Lucky for you, we’ve got a tool for that, too.

We don’t want you to worry about reserving rooms for your group. Making your decision doesn’t have to be like playing the tables in Vegas. We can help you make educated decisions; is dedicated to helping you find the perfect hotel for your group travel needs.

All of the hotels in the directory are members of the National Tour Association, whose members specialize in North American tourism business and are committed to quality travel experiences. We provide you strong resources, along with a few questions to ask yourself and the facility during the planning process.

For example:

  • What’s more important to your group: the rate or the location?
  • Is breakfast included with the stay?
  • What are the must-haves for your group hotel?
  • What are the nearby dining options for lunch or dinner?
  • Will your group get any perks by staying at the facility? (free wi-fi, access to the business center, etc)
  • Will the charter bus be able to park onsite?

On each hotel profile in the directory, click to view
nearby restaurants, attractions and events using our map feature

More questions can be found in our list of top ten questions to help with picking your hotel, plus tips for finding a great deal for your group travel. All of this knowledge power will fuel your fantastic trip. (And, if you’re needing assistance with fuel of the food kind, we can help you there, as well.)

Finding the right hotel for your group travel is similar to solving a puzzle within a puzzle. You put all the pieces together to find the best lodging for a group travel booking that will then enhance the success of the trip.