Trolley Bus Rentals for Weddings, Parties, Groups

Trolleys are a beloved vehicle for group transportation. Popular in New York, Chicago, Portland, San Antonio and many other eclectic cities, trolleys provide shuttling with theming and style. Trolleys, as listed on, are rubber-tired buses designed to resemble old-style streetcars or trams. Hop on board one of these replicas, and you might feel like you just boarded an iconic San Francisco cable car.

The American Public Transportation Association has dubbed these vehicles “trolley-replica buses” in order to avoid confusion with streetcars such as those in San Francisco. Trolley-replica buses are used by both public and private transportation providers, but only private operators who rent their buses are listed in The companies that own trolleys in our directory rent them out for special occasions and parties for groups, but can also be chartered for any local trip. When searching on, we simply classify these buses as “trolleys.”

The most common range of seating for a trolley is 24, 30 or 35 passengers, but some special trolleys can fit more.

Weddings are by far one of the most popular occasions in which a trolley bus is rented. Wedding photos on a trolley provide a wonderful sense of nostalgia and class, while transporting the wedding party onboard the trolley creates a fun atmosphere.

Special parties or other social events are also a great fit for trolley transportation. Something to keep in mind when renting a trolley is that most forgo modern amenities such as TV monitors or WiFi access. Heating and air conditioning is also not guaranteed, as some trolleys are actually open-air vehicles. Be sure to clarify with the trolley-owning company in order to determine with which amenities and luxuries the vehicle is equipped. Seating is also worth questioning as some trolleys feature hard wooden benches, while others are outfitted with plush, comfortable cushioned seats and seatbelts.

Trolleys also come in many different colors aside from the classic red so you can pair the perfect vehicle for your trip. Use the charter bus directory to find a trolley bus rental in your local area, and book directly with the owner/operator to save money and ensure all trip details are communicated to the driver.