Hotels: What Matters Most to Groups

There are a lot of hotels across the United States and Canada; in fact has thousands of great group-friendly hotels in its directory that are ready to welcome charter bus groups with smiles, open arms and clean, comfortable rooms. It’s great to have multiple options when looking to book lodging for your group–especially in comparing and contrasting rates, services and value–but what are some of the most important things to look for when booking a hotel?

The number one reason hotels receive business is frankly through “need.” Whether you are a group of 55 or a single business traveler, the reason you book a hotel room is simply due to the need for sleep. But looking beyond this immediate need, there are a number of items that provide travelers with more.

After meeting basic needs, look to see what more a hotel can offer your group

Shelter & Security

First, shelter and security are desirable. All hotels provide a roof over your head, but finding areas in safe locations is a plus. All of the hotels in the group travel directory are intimately familiar with providing service to tour and travel groups who are new to the area. Safe accommodations and friendly service can be expected as a guarantee.

Clean & Comfortable

The second most popular thing travelers look for in a hotel are clean and comfortable rooms. With dozens of name brand properties in our directory, you’ll be able to find a property that meets your needs. When browsing smaller boutique hotels featured on our website, be sure to view the additional photos to get a good idea of what the hotel has to offer your group.

Area Attractions

Thirdly, the old adage “location, location, location!” holds true with hotel properties, too. A hotel that offers a range of activities or places to see has the opportunity to provide guests with a lot of value in a close proximity. If the hotel you are looking for is more than place to catch a quick rest before hitting the road again, be sure to use the Map Feature on to see all of the nearby attractions and restaurants around each hotel that is available for your group.


The fourth and final most popular attribute of a hotel that can satisfy its guests is a place that fits the travelers’ budget. Affordable options help any traveler sleep more easily, and with an ever-expanding directory of group-friendly hotel options, count on to help you find the best hotel for your group. Quickly request quotes from multiple hotels properties that cater to your needs and plan your trip itinerary with ease.