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Winter Vacation Tips for Group Travel

Winter is a great time for group travel, with it come the cold weather which keeps adventurers close to home, vacation destinations are willing to offer a steep discount to those willing to brave less-than-perfect weather conditions.

So, you don’t have to ski or snowboard to have a fabulous winter vacation. Similarly you don’t have to skip the ski lodges and enjoy seasonal group travel in a whole new way.

Try a Sightseeing Tour

As a result bus tours are an excellent way to enjoy the snow without risking hypothermia. Here are some ideas to kickstart your group travel destination brainstorming session.

  • Charter a party bus complete with built-in bar and spend the evening viewing Christmas lights while making merry.
  • Take the scenic route to the nearest winter amusement park.
  • Make holiday travel more fun by using a bus to pick up scattered family members and deliver them to the final destination.

Choose an All-in-One Destination

Resorts will often slash prices during the winter in order to fill rooms. Pick a hotel with plenty of amenities to enjoy a luxury indoor vacation without spending time in the cold. This is a great way to extend trips to concerts, conventions, and other large gatherings. Look for these fun extras to keep your group members occupied.

  • Indoor pool and/or hot tub
  • Bars, restaurants, and shops
  • Fun centers with video games, bowling, and laser tag
  • Indoor putting greens or golf courses

Take the Road Less Travelled

So, showcase the isolation of winter in your getaway plans by choosing destinations that are off the beaten path. Plan a retreat for church members, team building, or intimate family reunions at remote locations that let you enjoy the beauty of ice and snow without having to interact with it. Some good locations to begin your scouting with include:

  • Rural inns and bed-and-breakfast establishments
  • Summer campgrounds
  • Accommodations around rivers and lakes

Find Better Climates

Cold is relative. Take advantage of climate differences to enjoy a spring-like vacation experience. For that reason, those who live in frosty northern areas may be perfectly comfortable strolling the beaches of Florida in the late winter months. Similarly, temperate California and surrounding desert states like Nevada, New Mexico, and Arizona experience milder winters than other areas of Canada and the United States. So these areas offer unlimited group activity choices like hiking, historical landmarks, and even swimming that your group can enjoy during the winter if they’re used to hardier climates.

So, snow doesn’t have to stop your show! Use these tips to inspire the best no-snow winter vacation your group members have ever experienced.

Don’t let the snow keep you cooped up at home. Use these tips to plan the perfect wintertime group travel trip.