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Tips For Motion Sickness During Bus Travel

Motion sickness is a tough rival for those who love to travel. The dizziness and queasy-sick stomach feeling is enough to ruin your entire travel time. This common ailment is caused by the body’s inability to process rapidly received stimuli.

For some people, rapid movement, like when you’re in a vehicle moving at high speeds, can play havoc with their sensory perception. The constantly changing input makes it hard for the brain to meld the information being sent from the eyes, muscles, and inner ear together. This sends the brain into overwhelm, and often results in pale and clammy skin, decreased appetite, and severe dizziness and stomach upset.

You don’t have to let motion sickness ruin your vacation plans. Take these tips with you on your next group bus travel trip to keep everyone comfortable, happy, and nausea-free.

Take Care of Your Body

The symptoms of motion sickness usually don’t last long. However, they can be severe, regardless of how long the episode lasts. Take care of your body to reduce the long-term impacts of an attack.

  • Lie down on your back with your eyes closed. This reduces the amount of information your brain needs to process. It helps to find a spot near the middle of the bus, where the motion isn’t quite as detectable.
  • Don’t drink alcohol while you’re on the bus. The harsh acids can irritate the stomach lining and increase nausea.
  • Avoid cigarette smoke, heavy colognes, and other intense smells. Use a small fan or open a window to get as much fresh air as possible.

Lighten the demands on your brain’s processing abilities to shorten the duration of motion sickness.

Clear Your Mind

Use your mental abilities to control the physical symptoms of motion sickness.

  • Try a little meditation. Find a focal point that is firmly attached, like a poster, sticker, or even a rivet in the bus window. Breath slowly and deeply while concentrating on the object.
  • Don’t try to read while your bus is moving.
  • A recent study found that those who gave themselves verbal encouragement were less likely to experience motion sickness. Try giving yourself a pep talk before boarding the bus.

Your brain’s conscious abilities can help you find relief from motion sickness.

Take the Herbal Route

There are a number of over-the-counter medications that claim to help with motion sickness. However, these herbs are a natural way to deal with the associated gastric distress.

  • Raw ginger is a well-known home remedy for stomach issues. Chew a piece of peeled root for fast relief.
  • Mint is another herb that’s commonly used for stomach problems. Try a tea or use a little oil for an aromatherapy treatment.
  • Spicy cinnamon heats up the gastric system and helps your body purge itself of discomfort-causing elements.

These natural remedies might interact with your prescription medication. Check with your doctor before trying them out!

Motion sickness doesn’t have to mean the end of the line. With these tips, you can defeat dizziness and nausea and enjoy your group bus travel trip.

Use these quick tips to reduce discomfort from motion sickness on your next group bus trip.

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