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Bus Rentals in Albany, New York

Buses are an excellent way to explore Albany, New York, the capital of the state. You can experience the city's historic and cultural sites with comfort and flexibility, whether you sightsee from the bus's windows or find easy parking and venture into the city on foot. With BusRates, you can find the best vehicle option for your trip and quickly connect with rental companies. Learn more about how to rent a bus in Albany, New York.


Bus Types

Find Bus Rentals for Albany, New York

Albany bus rentals transport groups comfortably and safely through the city. With BusRates, you can search for nearby bus rentals and find the best vehicle for your needs.

Bus rentals are available in many types, and each vehicle option holds a different number of people and contains different amenities. For instance, you could choose from options like:

Bus rental prices also range widely, depending on the bus type and trip specifications. With BusRates, you can quickly view bus rental options and details like vehicle capacity, available amenities, prices and more. We skip the middleman by connecting you directly with bus rental companies, which can lower expenses.

To get started, request a quote with BusRates today.

Experience Albany, New York

Located on the Hudson River, Albany is an exciting travel option for many groups. Travelers can marvel at the city's robust history and landmarks, like the New York State Capitol or the Schuyler Mansion. You can also view distinctive art and culture in downtown plazas and facilities. Its proximity to New York City is ideal for groups with extended travel plans, as well.

How to Spend a Trip to Albany, New York

Stay organized by planning an itinerary for your upcoming trip. Your group might have a wide variety of interests and preferences, so it's important to ask group members about their preferred spots. Fortunately, Albany has many opportunities that can meet different needs. For example, your group could try activities like:

  • Visiting the New York State Capitol: This capitol building is famous for its distinctive 19th-century architecture and design. Visitors can follow guided tours to explore legislative chambers, winding staircases, elaborate rooms and other noteworthy sites.
  • Exploring the New York State Museum: If you have art enthusiasts in your group, this museum is a premier destination. The facility is home to countless exhibits of art, science, history and culture that reflect New York State's ideals. In addition, your travel group can engage in workshops or educational opportunities that align with your schedule.
  • Wandering through the Albany Pine Bush Preserve: Albany has breathtaking nature, and this preserve is one of the best examples. Many indigenous plants and wildlife rest in the preserve, which is more than 3,000 acres in length. Traverse the area by hiking, biking or doing your preferred recreational activity.