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Bus Rentals in Charleston, West Virginia

BusRates allows you to benefit from convenient, affordable transportation with bus rental companies that provide options in Charleston, West Virginia. We host listings from reputable charter companies in the area and allow you to reserve a vehicle without a broker fee. Request a quote to get started.


Bus Types

Rental Buses in Charleston 

Traveling with a group in Charleston, West Virginia, is easier when you can all stay together. Rent a bus for your trip to split costs, simplify parking and spend more time together. 

You can charter a bus in Charleston through BusRates. We offer a quick and easy way to coordinate transportation with reputable bus rental companies in the area. Use our site to see bus rental companies, the types of buses they offer, the amenities each bus includes and the companies' rates. Each company will provide a bus and driver with the qualifications needed to safely and legally operate in Charleston. 

As a nonbroker site, we connect customers directly with Charleston's bus companies. You'll save by paying the bus company's rates without hidden broker fees. 

Buses and Amenities

Bus companies in Charleston offer a wide range of buses that you can rent. If your group is small, choose a party bus, tour bus, trolley or minibus. Larger groups can choose a motorcoach, school bus or doubler decker bus. 

Each bus features a combination of amenities that cater to your needs. Common options include wheelchair accessibility, reclining seats, air conditioning, power outlets and restrooms. Amenities depend on the company and vehicle. 

We also connect customers with smaller vehicles like vans, limos, sedans and SUVs. Use BusRates to find the ideal vehicle for your group trip to West Virginia's capital. 

Things to Do in Charleston, West Virginia

Charleston is in one of the most scenic parts of West Virginia along the Kanawha River and Elk River's confluence. There is plenty to explore in the city — which serves as West Virginia's capital — and the surrounding area. Consider destinations like: 

  • West Virginia State Museum 
  • West Virginia State Capitol 
  • West Virginia Veterans Memorial
  • Capitol Market
  • Kanawha State Forest 
  • Charleston Town Center Mall 
  • Haddad Riverfront Park
  • Ruffner Cabin at Daniel Boone Park

Charleston City Data

Around 48,000 people live in Charleston, making it West Virginia's most populated city. Charleston covers 32 square miles and contains 16 distinct neighborhoods. 

Find the Best Charleston Bus Rentals

Ready to rent a bus in Charleston? You can find options for groups of all sizes through BusRates. We help travelers find deals on transportation that meets their needs, so request a quote now to plan your group trip to or from Charleston.