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Bus Rentals in Charlottesville, Virginia

Charlottesville, Virginia, is steeped in history, from Thomas Jefferson's house on the hill at Monticello to the gorgeous school Jefferson founded in town, the University of Virginia, which offers world-class academics. Whether you have a family reunion in Charlottesville or you want to celebrate a bachelorette party here, you'll find plenty to do in this gorgeous city.

Charter buses offer a way to organize your party transportation without driving yourself. It's the perfect compromise. When you rent a bus, you can enjoy a few drinks without fretting over who will take you home. Bus rentals also free you from consulting your GPS and trying to find your destination. With a charter bus in Charlottesville, Virginia, you can sit back and relax, knowing all the transportation details are taken care of for you. 



Bus Types

You can choose from a range of transportation options for your event. Is it an intimate affair with a few close friends and a party atmosphere? Consider a limo, which can seat five to 15 people in luxury. A party bus also has a fun vibe, perfect for a fraternity or sorority party or bachelor and bachelorette celebrations. Motorcoaches can accommodate up to 60 people, and they work for longer trips or corporate events, too.


If you have a list of amenities in mind for your trip, we can help. We'll connect you to vehicles with Wi-Fi or DVD screens, perfect for longer rides where you want to entertain your group. Some buses have restrooms, while others include electrical outlets for device charging. Ask about PA systems if you want to address everyone while the bus travels. 

Things to Do in Charlottesville, Virginia

Monticello, which is located just outside town, and the University of Virginia are the two most popular destinations in Charlottesville. You can learn about local history, including all aspects of Jefferson's life, with a guided tour of Monticello, or you can explore on your own. UVA also has campus tours, or you can just stroll the gorgeous grounds.

Interested in learning while you have fun? You have lots to explore at the Fralin Museum of Art at UVA or the Virginia Discovery Museums. You can also head to James Monroe's Highland to see another U.S. president's historic home.

Charlottesville, Virginia, City Data

The low median age of Charlottesville residents, at just 31.8 years old, reflects the large population of college students among the city's more than 47,000 residents. The city has slightly more female residents than males. Two-thirds of the population is white, with about 19% Black residents, 7% Asian and 6% Hispanic. 

Charter a Bus in Charlottesville, Virginia, With BusRates

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