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Bus Rentals in Dayton, Ohio

If you've ever been to Dayton, Ohio, you know this city is filled with aviation museums, theaters and walking trails. This area is sure to give you a relaxing experience, but driving with a large group of peers can be challenging. BusRates is here to eliminate this problem by introducing you to various bus charters in Dayton, Ohio.

Whether you need a bus charter for a field trip, corporate event, family reunion, wedding celebration or similar occasion, we'll help connect you to reputable companies.



Bus Types

BusRates is your source for finding spacious charter vehicles that travel into Dayton and the surrounding cities. Each get-together with friends, family or coworkers will differ, so we show you more than one transportation option to help you reach your destination.

You can travel with as many as 80 people with the right bus charters in Dayton, Ohio. The vehicles we connect you to are suitable for educational, leisure and celebratory purposes. Get estimates for some of the largest charters available, like executive coach buses, party buses, school buses, trolleys and double-decker buses, for your applications.

Some events call for smaller charters. BusRates also presents you with vans, SUVs, cars and limos from charter companies in Ohio.

Amenities You Can Get With Dayton, Ohio, Bus Rentals

Passengers look forward to having certain amenities while traveling. Before renting a bus in Dayton, Ohio, assess the technology and onboard features available with each bus type. BusRates is known for steering users in the right direction to charter buses with these features:

  • Bathrooms
  • Internet access
  • Video monitors
  • PA systems
  • Reclining seats
  • USB charging ports
  • Electrical outlets

Activities to Do

The Dayton, Ohio, area is a hotspot for aviation. You can visit the National Museum of the United States Air Force, which is the largest military aviation museum in the world. The exhibits can take an entire day to see. You'll see artifacts dating back to World War II, the Korean War and the Cold War.

Fans of art and music are pleased to explore the Dayton Art Institute and the Schuster Center. You can purchase tickets to a lecture in the Dayton Art Institute, which opened in 1930. The Schuster Center is always hosting national and international music acts, allowing you to see a Broadway show without leaving the city.

Dayton, Ohio, City Data

The city of Dayton has a population of roughly 140,000 people. Tourists and residents are drawn to the museums, live entertainment, breweries and restaurants throughout Greene and Montgomery counties. The city has ties to the aviation industry, as Wilbur and Orville Wright resided here before building and operating the first aircraft in history.

Charter a Bus in Dayton, Ohio, With the Help of BusRates

BusRates is the clear choice for finding charter buses in the sizes you need. We make it simple to organize group trips across North America. Know how much a rental vehicle will cost and the amenities included before booking. You can create an account with us to get quotes today.