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Bus Rentals in East Los Angeles, California

Bus rentals let large groups travel comfortably and smoothly, so consider using a professional bus rental company to connect with the best vehicle for your trip to East Los Angeles. BusRates makes it easy to find local bus companies at this popular travel destination, streamlining your travel planning and arrangements. Rent a bus in East Los Angeles with BusRates today to sightsee and explore the city with ease.



Bus Types

Find East Los Angeles Bus Rentals

Buses are an excellent way to explore East Los Angeles. Many bus types are available, meeting the needs of different group sizes or trip schedules. You could select options like:

  • Motorcoaches: Motorcoaches, also called charter buses, are premier travel options. They can transport 30 to 61 people and offer optimal comfort and convenience. Many motorcoaches feature restrooms, entertainment options and Wi-Fi. They're commonly used for long-distance trips and large group events.
  • Minibuses: Minibuses provide a more compact and flexible way to travel. They're available in many sizes, holding anywhere from 10 to 40 passengers. Minibus rentals provide a comfortable way for smaller groups to travel, such as for sightseeing or one-day exploration trips.
  • Party buses: Party buses are designed to look like limousines inside, with various amenities and a fun atmosphere. An average party bus transports between 12 and 25 people. Amenities like unique lighting and powerful sound systems create an exciting environment while you travel to your next destination. Many groups use party buses for night outings and other thrilling events.

Bus rental prices vary depending on the provider, bus type and length of your trip. 

Discover East Los Angeles

East Los Angeles is home to the largest Hispanic community in the United States, creating a distinctive culture and exciting atmosphere. Travel groups can explore the area's restaurants, cultural landmarks and outdoor spaces. You can also travel to nearby downtown Los Angeles for more adventures.

Things to Do in East Los Angeles

Creating an itinerary ahead of time helps your group make the most of your East Los Angeles trip. These are a few thrilling destinations in the area:

  • Salazar Park: Salazar Park is a popular hub in the center of the city. The park is lined with colorful murals and many areas for on-site activities, including tennis courts, baseball fields, children's play areas, computer labs and swimming pools.
  • Vincent Price Art Museum: The Vincent Price Art Museum is located at the East Los Angeles College. The many exhibits and collections represent essential historic and cultural art movements.
  • Griffith Observatory: The Griffith Observatory is an iconic landmark near East Los Angeles. You can watch a live presentation in the immersive planetarium, explore the various exhibits or wander through nearby Griffith Park. 

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