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Bus Rentals in Evansville, Indiana

Bus rentals are an excellent option for group trips to Evansville, Indiana, as they allow many people to travel together in comfort toward this memorable stop. Choosing a professional bus rental company smooths your experience and helps you have a more enjoyable and relaxing trip. BusRates makes finding and booking your next bus rental simple, so find an Evansville bus rental that aligns with your group's needs through our site today.



Bus Types

Rent a Bus in Evansville, Indiana

BusRates helps you find the best bus rental options for your upcoming trip. Bus types range widely, each with particular amenities and applications that suit different types of trips. With our services, you can select from options like:

  • Motorcoaches: Motorcoaches accommodate between 30 and 61 people, offering optimal comfort and convenience for passengers. They're also highly versatile, able to host local trips or long-distance journeys. Common applications include sightseeing, corporate outings and multiday tours.
  • Minibuses: Minibuses can hold between 10 and 40 passengers, providing a smaller form of bus transport. These vehicles are best for local or shorter trips because they offer more flexibility for parking. They're commonly used for church shuttles, single-day tours or small team-building events. 
  • School buses: School buses are most often associated with driving kids to school, but they are also cost-effective options for transporting large groups of people to any location. These vehicles can transport 10 to 60 people and are usually used for short-distance trips due to limited amenities. 
  • Executive coaches: These vehicles provide a high-end travel experience, with luxurious seats and other amenities. Executive coaches range widely in size, holding anywhere between 12 and 40 people. Their exact amenities depend on your particular bus.

Bus pricing depends on your chosen vehicle type and trip length. You can use the BusRates free motorcoach directory to find the bus companies that match your budget and trip needs.

Discover Evansville, Indiana

Evansville is located on the Ohio River in Indiana. It's the state's third-most populated city and has many opportunities for shopping, learning, exploring and other activities. Your group members will find many ways to spend their time on a bus trip to this destination.

Things to Do in Evansville, Indiana

Planning a schedule for your bus trip to Evansville helps you make the most of the adventure. Some exciting places to visit include:

  • Mesker Park Zoo: The Mesker Park Zoo and Botanic Garden is an exciting destination for all ages. The facility houses hundreds of animals and plants from across the globe and features interactive exhibits and weekly events.
  • Evansville Museum: The Evansville Museum showcases stunning art, historic artifacts and scientific exhibits. You can explore new exhibits, an immersive theater and monthly events.
  • Eastland Mall: The Eastland Mall is a premier shopping destination in Indiana with many stores and dining opportunities. There is also a children's play area that your little ones will love.
  • Howell Wetlands: The Howell Wetlands is a popular nature reserve. The natural marshes and many hiking trails make it a perfect destination for nature lovers.

Book Evansville Bus Rentals With BusRates

BusRates connects you with local bus companies, eliminating middlemen or confusing extra steps. To get started with an Evansville bus trip, request a quote and explore our bus options today!