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Bus Rentals in Flagstaff, Arizona

Touring a new city like Flagstaff, Arizona, with a group is easiest with a comfortable rental bus, and you can find reputable listings through BusRates. We let users locate and compare bus rentals in Flagstaff, then contact the company directly to reserve a vehicle. Request a quote to see available options today!


Bus Types

Rent a Bus for Your Flagstaff Adventure 

BusRates offers the most affordable and convenient way to secure a rental bus from a reputable company in Flagstaff. When you use our website, you'll see vehicles from various companies, along with the amenities available for each vehicle and the companies' contact information. You can use our quote request function to send an email directly to the bus company offering what you need, which allows you to skip markups and broker fees when you reserve your bus. 

Once you choose a bus company, you'll receive access to a bus and a certified driver who will ensure you have a safe, enriching experience. There are various types of rental options to choose from when you rent a bus in Flagstaff, including: 

Amenities Available

Your group's comfort is important, so trust BusRates to help you find a rental company offering the amenities you need. The features available depend on the type of bus and the rental company, so check our listings to see which offerings are available in Flagstaff. Possible amenities include: 

  • Reclining seats
  • Luggage compartments
  • Restrooms 
  • Power outlets
  • DVD players and screens
  • PA systems 
  • Wheelchair accessibility
  • Wi-Fi

Things to Do in Flagstaff, Arizona

There is so much to explore in this city, especially if you love spending time outdoors. Charter a bus in Flagstaff to take your group to exhilarating and historic locations like the Walnut Canyon National Monument and Lava River Cave. Some more options include:

  • Lowell Observatory
  • Historic Downtown and Railroad District 
  • Lava River Cave 
  • Grand Canyon National Park 
  • Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument 

City Data

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Find Bus Rentals in Flagstaff, Arizona

Flagstaff has numerous bus rental companies that offer vehicles for your trip to this fun city. You can find rental options and reserve a vehicle at a low rate by booking through BusRates. We're here to help you enjoy your trip, so request a quote to see Flagstaff bus rentals today!