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Bus Rentals in Jackson, Tennessee

Jackson, Tennessee, is a popular city for many travelers due to its outdoor activities and historic sites. If you're planning a trip to this area, a bus rental can enhance your experience.

Buses transport large numbers of people comfortably and safely. Whether you have 10 passengers or 60, you can find a bus type that meets your needs. BusRates connects you with local bus companies, making it easy to finalize trip plans. Our free and easy-to-use directory displays nearby bus options with their amenities and price ranges. Get started with BusRates today for your Jackson, Tennessee, trip.



Bus Types

Rent a Bus in Jackson, Tennessee

Bus rentals are an ideal way to travel to this area, as you can find a vehicle type that matches your group size and desired amenities. Many bus types are available, including:

  • Party buses: These buses feature mood lighting and advanced sound systems, creating a party-like atmosphere inside. They're usually best for groups of 25 or fewer and are often used for nights out or fun events.
  • Charter buses: Charter buses offer spacious seating, luggage space and great visibility for sightseeing. Many groups use them for long-distance journeys because of their advanced comfort. They hold between 30 and 61 people.
  • Vans: Vans transport smaller groups of between 8 and 22 people. Depending on the type you book, the van could contain amenities like restrooms, onboard Wi-Fi and more.

The bus type and trip length determine your cost. With so many options available, it's important to identify the size and amenities you need before booking. BusRates makes it easy to plan your trip with our online, easily accessible directory. After you request a quote, we find local bus companies and display their details. You connect directly with the bus companies instead of navigating hidden fees or middlemen.

Visit Jackson, Tennessee

Jackson is near the center of Tennessee, about 80 miles away from Memphis. The city is known for its unique, popular attractions and distinctive wildlife and nature. It's an excellent stop during a trip, whether you visit for one day or an entire week.

Things to Do in Jackson, Tennessee

This city has locations and activities for travelers of all ages. By learning about these opportunities ahead of time, you can plan in advance and make the most of your trip. 

These are a few popular things to do in Jackson:

  • Visit Rusty's TV and Movie Car Museum: This unique museum spans two buildings and features more than 50 vehicles that were used in various television series and movies. 
  • Explore the Century Farm Winery: This winery and tasting room is located on a beautiful farm. You can shop for wine, visit the tasting room or attend one of their many events.
  • Hike in the Cypress Grove Nature Park: The nature park showcases the city's beautiful nature, from indigenous wildlife to unique plant species. It also features a Raptor Center that serves as a sanctuary for injured animals. Visitors can hike on the boardwalk to see the plants and wildlife up close.

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