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Bus Rentals in Las Vegas, Nevada

Plenty of travelers head to Las Vegas, Nevada, in groups. No matter if you plan on hitting casinos with friends or you want to hold a wedding in the Entertainment Capital of the World, it helps to have reliable transportation to get from point A to point B together.

With BusRates, you can rent a bus in Las Vegas and head to America's Playground to have the adventure of a lifetime.



Bus Types

With BusRates, you have access to multiple types of charter buses that travel to and from Sin City. The prices for buses and vehicles change based on amenities included and the number of passengers permitted.

Each available vehicle has varying space available and can be used for different activities, allowing you to choose what best works for your needs. Popular options for Las Vegas trips include executive coach buses, double-decker buses and party buses.

Amenities on Charter Buses in Las Vegas

BusRates is dedicated to helping you rent the vehicles you want at affordable rates. When you are looking to charter a bus in Las Vegas, our site helps you see the amenities included with each vehicle. Some popular features include luggage compartments, restrooms, televisions, Wi-Fi connectivity and electrical outlets.

Things to Do in the City of Lights

Vegas is called the City of Lights for a reason — you can spend all night gambling on the Las Vegas Strip. If you enjoy immersive experiences, you'll be happy to know the Las Vegas Arts District, which is filled with museums and art galleries, is just a few miles north of the main strip. Of course, you must also make time to see the new Las Vegas Boulevard Gateway Arches that were erected in 2020.

During the day, tourists can go sightseeing from the Eiffel Tower Deck, a Vegas-based replica of the Eiffel Tower.

Las Vegas City Data

The city of Las Vegas sees roughly 42 million visitors each year. The famous casinos in the area attract tourists from all over the world, but the destination is also considered a paradise for those who love to eat. You should have no problem finding a hotel during your trip, as there are over 150,000 rooms available here.

Charter a Bus in Las Vegas, Nevada, Now

BusRates is your source for accurate charter listings. You can navigate our pages and search for bus charters in Las Vegas without hidden fees online. Travel alongside a group with zero complications. We help you take friends, family or colleagues on a trip that'll be remembered for years to come.

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