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Bus Rentals in Missoula, Montana

Traveling through Missoula, Montana, provides the adventure of a lifetime. Imagine looking out the window to see breathtaking views of greenery surrounded by mountains. The landscape is picture perfect with flowing rivers — plus, you may spot grazing elk and mule deer on your road trip.

Enjoy relaxing in comfortable seats and listening to your favorite songs with your peers, friends or family. BusRates provides the easiest way to find a vacation vehicle suiting all your wants and needs. Explore our free database of rental company options and discover the best rates for your travel transportation.



Embark on Your Next Adventure

Get ready to load your luggage in a rental vehicle and hop on in! You can book the best ride for your group trip using research from BusRates. We provide a simple and quick way to look at thousands of rental transportation companies in one place.

You can narrow your search results by amenities. Options such as Wi-Fi, TV screens and DVD players provide a way to keep your group entertained and happy throughout the journey. 

Best Things to Do in Missoula, Montana

Driving through Missoula is beautiful — you'll see wild rivers, glacier lakes and mountains. Whether you want to take your time cruising past the scenery or plan a packed literary, here are some family-friendly activities you can enjoy:

  • Search for gold: Dig up sapphire gems or pan for gold crumbs at Gem Mountain Montana and customize jewelry with the treasures you discover.
  • Touch a real elk antler: Wander through the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation museum to learn about elk across North America and see if you can spot some white-tailed deer on a wooded nature trail along the 22-acre property.
  • Enjoy riverfront scenery: Breathe the crisp mountain air on a riverfront walking trail, which will take you to several parks and an overlook where you can see surfing and kayak enthusiasts take on a man-made wave.
  • Hike to the top of a mountain: Zigzag less than a mile along the "M" trail to get a birds-eye view around 620 feet high in elevation at the top of Mount Sentinel.
  • Go on a Lewis and Clark expedition: Walk in the same footsteps of Lewis and Clark at Travelers' Rest State Park, the only archaeologically verified campsite of their trek through the nation.

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Busrates helps you find local charter bus companies and charter bus rentals near me in Missoula, Montana and the Missoula County County area.

Get a reliable quote and find the cost for a charter bus rental, coach bus rental, school bus rental, minibus rentals in Missoula, Montana.

Coverage area include zip codes: 59801, 59802, 59803, 59804, 59806, 59807, 59808, 59812 neighborhoods: Franklin to the Fort, University District, Orchard Homes, Westside, Rose Park, Moose Can Gully, Lewis and Clark, Southgate Triangle, Northside, Upper Rattlesnake, South 39th Street, Riverfront, Lower Rattlesnake, Farviews \u0026 Pattee Canyon, Emma Dickinson Orchard Homes, Heart of Missoula, East Missoula, Miller Creek, Grant Creek, Wye airports: MSO, BTM, HLN and places of interest Washington–grizzly Stadium.

Find Bus Rentals in the Wild West

Looking for a straightforward and fast way to find a rental vehicle? BusRates provides your solution. Search our user-friendly directory to find the best transportation companies in your area.

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