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Bus Rentals in Montgomery, Alabama

You may want an event you're planning to be as unique as possible. Have you considered chartering a trolley in Montgomery, Alabama? Trolleys offer a unique way to travel. Their charm will make your event a memorable one, whether you are planning a wedding, bachelorette party or sightseeing tour for a corporate event. 

Trolleys are a safe and fun transportation method. When your guests talk about your event years from now, they will remember the trolley and what a good time they had on it. 

BusRates can connect you with companies that offer Montgomery, Alabama, trolley rentals. We can get you quotes on trolley charters, allowing you to find the best option for your budget. With our services, you can communicate directly with local bus operators, cutting out bus brokers. BusRates can make planning easier for you and enable you to have an amazing event. 



Bus Types

When you search BusRates for charter buses in Philadelphia, you'll find a wide range of options to accommodate your group. Our directory includes listings for everything from large-capacity motorcoaches to smaller minibuses and vans.

The right type of bus for your trip will depend on a number of factors, including group size, travel distances and your desired style. You can read more about each type of bus in our listings to determine the best fit for your needs. 


Trolleys offer seating for up to 30 people. These vehicles often have PA systems you can use to make announcements or provide narration during your ride. They are an excellent choice for fair weather transportation, and most days in Montgomery are mild. Trolleys also make an ideal background for wedding photography, offering a fantastic opportunity for posed shots. 

Things to Do When You Rent a Trolley in Montgomery, Alabama

Trolley rentals in Montgomery give you an option to navigate the city in style. You will want to go as many places as possible in your trolley to fully experience the area's charm. Along the way, you may find that people will comment on your distinctive ride and ask you how they can get one, too.
Montgomery has many places to visit. You may want to take your guests to Capri Theatre, the city's only independent theater. You can also check out the delicious restaurants in Montgomery, including farm-to-table venues. The city is home to many milestones in the civil rights movement, and the granite Civil Rights Memorial is a must-see. The Legacy Museum and Rosa Parks Library and Museum also tell the stories of people critical to the movement. The Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts features American and African art.

City Data

Also known as the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia is home to more than 1.5 million residents. BusRates' directory includes listings for many operators. You can rent a bus anywhere in Philadelphia, including bustling Center City and more than 100 other neighborhoods and regions of the city or county, like Fishtown, Queen Village, Rittenhouse Square, Old City and Manayunk.

Charter a Trolley in Montgomery, Alabama

Finding the perfect charter bus rentals in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding area has never been easier. Browse our extensive directory and request a quote from your preferred local operators to get started.