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School Bus Rentals in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh is the second-most populous city in Pennsylvania and is home to countless museums, sightseeing opportunities and excellent experiences. You can rent a school bus in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to simplify your transportation needs and make the most of your next visit, ensuring your group arrives at your destinations on time and as all together.


Bus Types

The BusRates directory features listings for thousands of local operators offering a wide variety of different types of buses and vehicles, including motorcoaches , school buses , minibuses and vans . The right vehicle for your next trip should meet your needs for passenger capacity, travel distance, comfort and amenities and style. If you're unsure which type of bus is best for your group, we can help. Check out our resources to read more about each bus type , or get in touch with our team for more information.


School buses are generally intended for travel over shorter distances, transporting kids to school or on field trips around town. Whether you're using your rental school bus to transport students or shuttle adult group members, these vehicles are designed to serve as a practical, minimalistic alternative to other more expensive luxury charters.

Common amenities found on school buses include air conditioning and wheelchair accessibility. You may also be able to request different seat arrangements that provide more space for transporting any luggage or equipment you need for your trip.

Things to Do in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Whether you're visiting with a group of kids for a field trip or exploring with a group of adult friends, Pittsburgh has plenty for you to do and see. The city has a rich industrial history and features many museums informing guests about steel production and other industries that flourished in the area.
Other popular attractions include PNC Park, the Carnegie Science Center, Andy Warhol Museum, Allegheny Observatory, Mellon Park, Bakery Square, Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium.

City Data

Pittsburgh is often called the City of Bridges due to the more than 400 bridges that connect the city. It consists of several distinct areas, including the downtown Golden Triangle and four surrounding sections called Central, North Side, South Side, East End and West End.

BusRates can help you find charter school buses in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and the rest of the Allegheny County area, including more than 70 zip codes and 92 neighborhoods.

Charter a School Bus in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, With BusRates

Planning your next trip to Pittsburgh has never been easier. Please browse our extensive directory to find local bus operators with charter school bus rentals in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. You can request quotes and compare options directly on our website and connect with your preferred operator once you've made your decision.