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Bus Rentals in Syracuse, New York

When you go to a football or basketball game at Syracuse University, wouldn't it be nice to know you have a ride home? By renting a bus through BusRates to bring you and your group around the city, you can concentrate on having a fun time at the game or any other destination with the confidence of knowing you already have a designated driver. Renting a bus in Syracuse can address all your problems.

BusRates can connect you to bus charters that offer the amenities you desire. When you use our services, you can get quotes from local bus operators without contacting them yourself. You will enjoy a more streamlined process. 



Bus Types

You can find all types of bus charters through BusRates. Choosing an option that suits your needs depends on how many people you have in your group and whether you want a luxurious or more affordable experience. We offer buses that can seat as many as 60 people. Our many options include: 


Different buses offer various amenities. The features available to you depend on the kind of bus you select. For instance, you may have Wi-Fi if you rent a party bus, but you won't get that on a school bus. Other potential amenities for bus charters in Syracuse include: 

  • Air conditioning. 
  • PA systems. 
  • DVD players and screens. 
  • In-seat power outlets.

Things to Do in Syracuse, New York

Syracuse University is one of the biggest attractions in the city. Whether you want to attend a basketball or football game, visit the statue of Abraham Lincoln or sit on the famed kissing bench, the school offers plenty of attractions. The Syracuse area also has many places to learn and experience new things, such as the Everson Museum of Art, Erie Canal Museum, Rosamond Gifford Zoo and Landmark Theatre. 

You can also walk around the Central New York Regional Market or check out Clinton Square along the Erie Canal. 

City Data

Syracuse is the cultural capital of central New York, with lots of entertainment options tied to the university. Because of the Erie Canal, this area was a major transportation hub for decades. The city has over 148,000 residents, with more than a fifth under age 18 and only 12.6% over 65. It is a diverse town. Nearly a third of residents are Black, 9% are Hispanic and almost 7% are Asian.

Charter a Bus in Syracuse, New York

When you use BusRates to find Syracuse bus rentals, you can connect directly with local bus operators without going through a broker. We don't charge hidden fees, and you can often benefit from discounted rates. Use the filters to find buses with the seating capacity and amenities you desire and request your quote today.