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Can You Drink Beer, Wine or Liquor on a Charter Bus?

Can you drink alcohol on buses? This is when chauffeured rides come in handy, particularly when a night out entails adult beverages. Be safe, drink responsibly, and get a dedicated driver. But when celebrating a wedding, bachelor/ette party, or other large group events with spirits, you can look to forgo the car as a bus rental may be the best fit for your group.

Renting a minibus, limo bus, party bus or other bus type is a great way to keep your group safe while in transit. Even for smaller groups of a dozen passengers, renting a minibus can make more sense than driving individually. A question we sometimes receive at is, “Can you drink alcohol on buses?”

Laws on Drinking on a Bus

It’s a simple question, but the answer isn’t so concise. Canada gets the most direct answer: no. Alcohol is not allowed on buses in Canada. Stateside, unlike airline travel, there is no federal law regarding the consumption of alcohol on buses. In the US, about 80% of operators do allow alcohol onboard the bus, typically with a refundable deposit. The deposit helps cover any damages or cleaning the bus may need, but be sure to review the contract you sign with your bus operator so both parties are on the same page regarding total fees. The jurisdiction for consumption of alcohol falls to county laws, so also check with your chosen bus operator for any specific rules or regulations related to drinking on board based on your itinerary.

It’s not necessary to rent a “party” bus to have a party; just check the fleet table after performing a bus search on You can determine if a company allows alcohol on their buses by the “ALCH” designation on each operator’s profile within the directory. Then call or click to request a quote.

Look for checkmarks under “ALCH” to verify if an operator allows alcohol onboard the bus type.

Safety is Priority Number One

The number one thing to remember is to be safe and respectful to the bus operator. Any disruptive action aboard the bus is cause for the driver to pull over, so don’t ruin a fun night out by going overboard. Discuss the type of event you are planning with your chosen motorcoach operator to ensure everything happens smoothly.

Have a toast and raise a glass to group travel. For a pub crawl, winery tour, or celebration of a special event, keep in mind charter transportation as a safe and efficient method of transportation to get your group around town.