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Bus Rentals in Jackson, Mississippi

BusRates connects travelers with bus rentals in Jackson, Mississippi. Use our site to view a list of bus rental companies with vehicles available during your trip to Jackson. We encourage you to request a quote now to secure your group's transportation.
Jackson Bus Rentals 

When planning your trip to Mississippi, remember to set up transportation! You can browse local listings with BusRates to find reputable companies offering vehicles in Jackson. Our site shows company names, contact information, vehicle types, amenities and reviews so that you can make the best choice for your trip. 



Bus Types

Types of Buses 

The rental companies in Jackson offer various types of buses for your needs. BusRates can help you determine the right type of vehicle for your group and rent it from a trustworthy company. 

You can browse our bus types to see which option seems to fit your group the best. Common bus rentals for large groups include coach buses, school buses and double decker buses. Smaller groups can rent vehicles like minibuses, party buses and tour buses. 

Each type of bus comes with a different range of amenities. Compare our listings to find features like restrooms, digital entertainment, reclining seats, wheelchair accessibility and Wi-Fi. 


As you search for the perfect charter bus rental in New York City, you'll want to keep in mind the amenities you need to make your trip comfortable and convenient. Different buses and vehicles vary widely, but common amenities include air conditioning, luggage space, entertainment systems, onboard restrooms and accessibility accommodations.

Things to Do in Jackson, Mississippi

ackson is a bustling community. Companies from several prominent industries, such as manufacturing, conduct business in the area, while residents and tourists enjoy festivals, concerts and sporting events at the city's various parks, museums and event complexes. There are also plenty of spaces that allow visitors to enjoy Jackson's natural landscape and wildlife. 

When you charter a bus in Jackson and are traveling with your group, consider visiting some of these sites and attractions: 

  • Mississippi State Capitol 
  • MS Old Capitol Museum
  • MS Children's Museum
  • MS Museum of Natural Science at LeFleur's Bluff State Park
  • MS Governer's Mansion
  • Mississippi Petrified Forest

About Jackson, Mississippi

Jackson, which is located in southcentral Mississippi along the Pearl River, is Mississippi's capital and the most populated city in the state. Over 149,000 live in Jackson, which covers 111.72 square miles for a population density of roughly 1375 people per square mile. 

Residents have loved living in the Jackson area since its official foundation in 1821 and long before. The city gets its name from General Andrew Jackson, the United States president who fought in the battle of New Orleans during the War of 1812 before his incumbency. Today, Jackson draws businesses, workers and tourists who seek economic opportunities, fun events and attractions, and delicious cuisine.

Find Bus Rentals in Jackson, Mississippi

Ready to rent a bus in Jackson? You can find options for groups of all sizes through BusRates. Please request a quote to see the options available for your trip to this exciting Mississippi city.