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Bus Rentals in Nanaimo, British Columbia

Renting a bus is the most efficient way to explore Nanaimo and the surrounding area with your group. With BusRates, you can pick up a rental vehicle from Nanaimo, British Columbia, after arriving on the island or reserve one for when you reach the mainland in Vancouver. 


Bus Types

BusRates can connect you with any type of rental bus for your trip to Nanaimo. Touring this district involves a lot of time on the road, so rent a bus that will be comfortable for your entire group. 

Our listings feature Nanaimo bus rentals that seat anywhere from 4 to 81 passengers. Each bus includes amenities that will enhance your trip. These amenities vary with each type of bus and rental company, so check our site for options like restrooms, Wi-Fi, power outlets and storage compartments. 

We encourage you to browse our bus types reference page for more information about each type of bus you can find through BusRates. 


As you search for the perfect charter bus rental in New York City, you'll want to keep in mind the amenities you need to make your trip comfortable and convenient. Different buses and vehicles vary widely, but common amenities include air conditioning, luggage space, entertainment systems, onboard restrooms and accessibility accommodations.

Things to Do in Nanaimo

Nanaimo is an exciting destination for travelers who love exploring the parts of Canada that lie off the beaten path. Visitors spend time on hiking trails or on the numerous bodies of water that surround and fill Nanaimo. There are also numerous opportunities to learn about the town's rich history. Here are some activities and attractions to try while visiting Nanaimo: 

Types of Buses 

Nanaimo is a city on Vancouver Island, a massive body that stands between the Strait of Georgia and the Pacific Ocean. The name Nanaimo comes from the indigenous groups that first inhabited the region. 

This city covers 46.49 square miles and has a population of around 170,000 people. As a remote area on an island 37 miles from the Vancouver coast, Nanaimo is only accessible by ferry or aircraft. 

The coal mining industry was once Nanaimo's largest economic contributor. Today, forestry is the dominating industry thanks to the foundation of the MacMillan Bloedel pulp mill. Retail and tourism are also driving forces in the Nanaimo economy. 

Charter a Bus in Nanaimo With BusRates

Nanaimo is a scenic destination that your entire group will love visiting, so adventure comfortably with BusRates. We'll connect you with a reputable bus rental company offering a vehicle with the space and amenities your group requires. Please request a quote to learn more about each company's rates and availability.