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Bus Rentals in Vancouver, British Columbia

You can find reputable bus rental companies in Vancouver, British Columbia, through BusRates. We list rental options from trusted charter companies so that you can compare options and contact businesses directly. To get started, request a quote and include some information about your upcoming trip.


Bus Types

Vancouver Bus Rentals 

With BusRates, you can find reputable bus rental companies offering the types of vehicles your group needs for your trip to Vancouver. 

The process is quick and easy — just input the number of travelers, your departure location and the date you want to leave. We'll present a list of Vancouver bus rental companies offering buses that accommodate your group. You'll see the types of vehicles and amenities each company offers, as well as reviews from customers who have traveled with them in the past. 

Our quote request form sends an email directly to the rental company, bypassing the markups and broker fees you might pay elsewhere. 


Vancouver's bus rental companies offer various types of vehicles, each with different amenities. When you book through BusRates, you can browse vehicle types to compare common options and choose a bus that fits your group. 

Our listings show the types of buses that each Vancouver charter company offers, including motorcoaches, minibuses, party buses and school buses. You'll also see available amenities like restrooms, wheelchair accessibility, entertainment systems, power outlets and Wi-Fi. 

Things to Do in Vancouver, British Columbia

There is much to do and see in this city, between Vancouver's bustling urban areas and serene natural landscapes. Experiencing it all would take months. If you're traveling with a group, chartering a bus is the best way to see many of Vancouver's most popular sites together. Use BusRates to find a bus that will take you to places like: 

  • Stanley Park
  • Granville Island 
  • Museum of Anthropology 
  • Gastown
  • The Aquabus 
  • Kitsilano Beach
  • Capilano Suspension Bridge
  • Lynn Canyon Park
  • VanDusen Botanical Garden 
  • Golden Ears Provincial Park

About Vancouver 

Vancouver is one of the largest cities in Canada and is situated on the west coast along the Strait of Georgia. Established in 1870, this city has grown into one of Canada's most populated areas. Over 662,000 people live in Vancouver, which has an area of just over 115 square miles. Vancouver's population density is the highest in Canada at over 5,749 people per square mile. 

Vancouver is also among Canada's most diverse cities. Over 277,000 residents claim a language other than French or English as their mother tongue. Businesses, workers and tourist flock to this city for its robust economy and unique opportunities. 

Rent a Bus in Vancouver, British Columbia

BusRates simplifies the process of shopping for a reliable charter bus company. Request a quote online today to charter a bus in Vancouver with the space your group needs and amenities that will make your trip enjoyable.