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Picking the right student travel tours and destination

Setting Up Student Travel Tours: Picking the Right Destination

Student travel tours are a wonderful way for students to see the world they are living in and gain perspective on life before adulthood. The experience depends on the destination for your student travel tours. Having the right destination can take some thought and research, but it will be worth it in the end. If …

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Planning a Long Group Vacation? 5 Tips to Make Sure Everyone Has a Good Time

A group vacation can be stressful for everyone involved and an extra long trip can add to that stress. Seeing new things is exciting, but it can also be a little overwhelming to be away from home. Simple things, like leaving time to do independent things, can make the trip that much better. It is …

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Here are some great group travel tips

6 Things That Make Planning for Group Traveling Easier

Group traveling takes a lot of work, time, and planning. You have to make sure all the planning is done months in advance to make sure there are enough tickets available for all of the activities, hotel rooms for the entire group, and spaces on the bus for everyone. If you rush planning you may …

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Plan a group trip to florida

Planning Your Next Group Trip to Florida

Planning a destination or a group trip to Florida can take a lot of work. Planning the trip involves knowing when to go, where to stay, and what to do on vacation. It will take time, effort, and a group of hard-working people. Whether you have a group trip to florida going to Miami or …

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5 Great Destination Ideas for Group Travel

Group travel trips are great ways to bond with your friends, learn something new, and experience new cultures. The location can make or break the group trip so, picking the right one is extremely important. Once the group decides what type of trip to go on, picking the perfect destination is next. Here are 5 …

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Senior Group Travel

Planning a Senior Group Travel Trip Through California

California is full of activities for seniors to enjoy. From winery tours in Napa Valley to beach walks in Malibu, there is something perfect for every senior travel group to enjoy. California offers a lot of new things for seniors to learn and explore. Senior group travel to California is a great way for the …

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3 simple steps to planning a great team trip

Organizing Your Next Group Team Trip: 3 Key Considerations

Group team trips take a lot of time to plan. The planners can stress and become overwhelmed if they do not stay organized. Planning ahead, keeping lists, and having a proper budget and sticking to it will keep the process of preparing for a trip smooth. Here are 3 key considerations for organizing your next …

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A Group Travel Planner Cheat Sheet

Ok, get over it, it happened. You’ve just been selected by the team, troop, group… insert whatever… and you’re now the group travel planner for the next trip, woohoo! So now what? Let me tell you what, you’ve come to the right place and the right page to get more info and a crash course …

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Great Bus Travel Tours Ideas for College Students

Summer and spring breaks means relaxing, travel tours, and fun for college students. It’s a great opportunity to grab a group of friends and go on vacation. Travel tours for college students are well deserved after cramming for classes all semester. Whether you want to visit a city or go hiking, there is a perfect …

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5 Tips for Creating a Great Travel Groups Itinerary Plan

Travel groups for adults are an awesome way to see the world, as long as the trips planned correctly. The travel itinerary can make or break a trip no matter where you’re going. For instance, for travel groups food is important, how long between meals can make a break a trip. So, there is a …

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